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Sunday Summary 76

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Another week gone and another week closer to Christmas! Tomorrow marks 7 weeks til Christmas Eve meaning we are now 3 weeks in to our 10 Week Pledge - how have you been getting on?

Lauren - I lost 1.5lbs this week which I was thrilled with, but I suspect know that I've regained it all and then some after all-you-can-eat Chinese, two lots of fish and chips and a kebab (admittedly a small chicken shish, but still...) as well as untold amounts of booze this week. I was visiting friends in Canterbury for Halloween/a birthday celebration so naturally there was a lot of food and booze. I'm at my dad's this afternoon for a yummy roast dinner but after that I have no more excuses until the end of the month. I'm heading home this evening and I'm actually looking forward to getting back in the gym and in a routine - my body is crying out for exercise and nutrients!

Gemma -  It was all going so well, I lost 1lb at weigh in on Tuesday.... then my mum bought fresh bread and shortbread biscuits and I've stuffed my face all weekend. Done a little walking to limit the damage but I'm going to need a week of being super strict to get this back off. I'm going to Manchester for three days with my best friend on Monday and I was going to eat out loads and have cocktails but I might be a little more sensible after this horrid weekend and stick to chicken salads if I eat out and swap the cocktails for a gin and slimline tonic. I need to work on my self control, there's no way I'm letting the weight creep back on.

Rosie - I've had another week where I've worked hard but unfortunately it hasn't paid off on the scales which tell me I haven't lost a single pound! I went to my first spinning class on Monday and then to a circuits class on Thursday as well as a few morning runs in between so I was disappointed to not see a loss this week, I'm just hoping for a bigger one next week to make up for it!

Sarah - I've been poorly this week so haven't even attempted to lose any weight.  I haven't even weighed myself for a couple of weeks which is really unusual for me.  I am finding it so hard to get back on track, what do you do when your motivation has disappeared? I need some help :(


  1. Good luck for next week everyone, we all need a binge week every now and again, at least I do or I find it impossible to stay sane. However I have just finished a bit of a binge fortnight so am back on it strict again from today!

    Rosie - hopefully your exercise will have paid off any you'll see a loss next week, sometimes your body can take a few days to react to food/exercise.

    Sarah - hope you feel better soon.


  2. Good results :) To be fair, Laura, I'd have given in at the sight of shortbread too :)

    @Sarah, I hope you find your motivation mojo again :)


  3. 7 weeks - eep! I need to step up my game this week to be on track for losing 10lbs by Christmas Eve. Don't want to let you ladies down!


  4. Fresh bread is just so so tempting - lucky I only ever seem to go to the supermarket in the middle of the night because the smell of fresh bread is a killer! Good luck with getting back on track, girls! I'm sure it's all the cold and dark setting in!

    I am 3lbs away from my goal of losing a stone for Christmas. I think maybe I should have aimed for more...!


  5. Where are the updates from your newest member? I enjoyed his first post :)

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