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Thursday, 21 June 2012

What do you wear to work out?  Do you go for proper sports wear or just grab any old t-shirt and hope for the best?  Gemma and Sarah have picked their favourite items from JD Sports, hope you find some inspiration!

Gemma - I've recently joined the gym and the school P.E. kit trainers, leggings and old band t-shirts that I've been wearing really aren't that stylish or practical. I'm still convinced that I'm allergic to activity (I'm so lazy) so I wouldn't want to spend a fortune on kitting myself out for the gym in case I don’t stick with it.  I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to sportswear and these are my top picks for women's sportswear this summer for beginners like myself:

A good sport bra is an investment you need to make because they give the support you need to prevent sagging, stretching or pain related to exercise and the right trainers are important too. I’m in the process of losing weight and will need to replace my gym kit regularly so my picks are great if you are on a budget. Brookhaven hoodies and trousers are affordable and stylish. I've gone for mostly pastels which look great for summer.

Sarah - I have quite a decent selection of sportswear already.  I am incredibly brand loyal to Nike, everything apart from my sports bra is made by Nike.  I find their clothing both practical and comfortable whilst still looking good.  The fabrics help keep me cool and they wash really well.  My sports bra is by Shock Absorber and I cannot recommend them enough, as Gemma said above a sports bra is really important regardless of your bra size.  I cannot believe the number of ladies I see at the gym without one.  That must hurt!
I've gone for purples and my favourite black bottoms.  These are the ones I actually own and they are so comfy, I usually wear them with my Zaggora Hotpants hiding underneath (I am not brave enough to wear those alone!)  I usually go for black trainers so they blend in with my bottoms more but the purple on these Nike running trainings was calling my name.  I still like to make an effort when going to the gym, if I feel like crap in my workout gear I don't feel motivated to actually put it on and go in the first place.

Where do you usually buy your sports wear? J D Sports have a great selection of Women's hoodies, trainers and bottoms and if you can't bring yourself to step foot in a sports shop they have a great selection on their website!

*This post was written in collaboration with JD Sports*


  1. Love the items you have picked. I'm similar to Gem in that I don't want to splash out on workout clothes because I'm not sure I'd stick to it. I have a small collection though, I wear sports bras from Primark which do the job and I'm lucky to live near a Nike outlet store so I have a few pieces I picked up there. I would say the only thing I have splashed out on is some proper running trainers and they really make so much difference! :)

  2. It is really the great clothing for workouts. I want to have that for my workouts.

  3. It is refreshing to see women's workout clothing in something other than pink! I try and avoid pink clothing but manufacturers seem to think that women want to only wear pink whilst running, etc.

  4. Nice post :o) I used to be a grab anything and go girl, have since been converted to Nike dri-fit tight running leggings, they're sooo comfy! I also bought some new runners which are a god send. Oh and ditto on sports bra - don't know how any woman would run without one!!

  5. I go by the logic that if I buy proper gear, I'll want to use it so I haven't wasted my money! I'm like you, Sarah, I want to feel good in the stuff too, or don't put it on.

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