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A Day in the Life of Weight Watchers #6

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It seems cruel that as I lose weight my daily Pro Points limit goes down. What kind of reward is that?
I'm finding it increasingly tricky to not go over my points and still be satisfied. I now get 31 ProPoints a day and I started on around 40. You can read the rest of my 'Day in the life of..' posts here.

Weight Watcher sausages  - 3 points
Egg - 2 points
Weight Watchers bread - 1 point
Ketchup - 1 point
Mushrooms - 0 points

Weight Watchers Bagel - 4 points
ASDA Lighter cream cheese - 1 point
Smoked Salmon  -  2 points
Banana - 0 points
Walkers French Fries  - 2 points

Rice - 6 points
Curry paste - 1 pro point
Peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms  - 0 points
Quorn chicken style pieces - 1 point
Piri Piri Prawn Skewers - 2 points

Milk for tea -  1 pro point
Fry light spray oil  - 1 pro point
Fudge  - 3 points
Cherries - 0 points

31/31 daily ProPoints used.

How do you use your points?


  1. You stretch your points a lot better than I do

  2. Wow, that looks a good days food to me..that breakfast looks amazing!! xx

  3. that seems like a nice lot of food ;-) you have given me great ideas ;-)

  4. You're so good at being creative with your points Gem! What's happened to everyone else's updates? Hope theyre doing ok too! xxx

  5. OMG Gemma I am now starving, that breakfast and the curry look amazing!! xx

  6. Your lunch looks delish! You're lucky you have 31 points, I've only got 26!

    1. I'm on 26 as well! It's not always enough.

  7. Hi, I'm a new reader and a Weight Watchers member as well. I started on 29 ProPoints a day and now I'm on 26 :/ and it's not a lot of food.

    Your food looks so tasty!

  8. I get 31 points too, down from the 36 i started on! I find it ok but when I get excited about having three points left in the evening for a curly wurly my boyfriend (who follows the plan too) usually has about 13 left and it's very annoying!!

  9. Looks yummy!!


  10. You are so creative with your points! I started at 29 points and am now down to 27 and feel like I'm dying! I'm not very good at making my points stretch like you are. (I'm on the U.S. points plus system, but I'm pretty sure it is the same as your pro points system.)