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Sunday Summary 59

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gemma - The bank holiday meant that my class was cancelled and was held on a day that I have work so I couldn't attend. I put about 2-3lbs on from the Friday-Tuesday from all the calorie filled punch and cakes I consumed. I had a lovely weekend and I regret nothing! I'm back on track this week and have been to aquafit to help shift a bit of weight. I'm going away to a conference over night on Monday and I'm a little worried about the food because it is all prepared for me. I'm going to take some fruit with me and sweeteners for my tea and try and make sensible options.

Sarah - I can happily say I maintained this week.  We went away for the Jubilee Celebrations and I have been off work and on holiday for the rest of the week so I am pretty pleased to have maintained especially when holidays include cake ;)  I have been back on track since WI on Thursday and am hopeful for a good result this week.  Back at the gym tomorrow and on my 6 week count down til my bikini gets an airing... eeeekkk!!

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  1. You've both done so well to maintain and only put on a couple of pounds through jubilee celebrations! And Gem you very much deserve your punch and cake filled weekend after all your hard work! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook