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Sunday Summary 58

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Gemma -  I couldn't go to weigh in this week because I had to attend a conference but I weighed at home and I lost at least 1lb. I'm having a weekend off from Friday-Tuesday and consuming as much cake and Pimms as I can. All my friends have finished their exams and we are going to party! I've lost nearly 6 stone now and one weekend off wont hurt. I promise to be extra good next week to make up for a weekend of excess.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Enjoy your partying, you deserve it! X

  2. Have a good time, and enjoy yourself, your be able to do damage limitation when get back. The thing to remember is this plan is for life so these events will pop up! xx

  3. Well done gem! I got my 3stone award today which means over 5 stone in all !! xx