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Sunday Summary 61

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gemma - 2.5lbs off this week, hurrah! No lasting damage done over the bank holidays and weeks of not tracking properly. I've been to the gym a few times this week and have sat down with the instructor and worked out a programme to follow. He suggested that if I start training a lot BMI won't mean much for me and I should measure my waist instead. I'm a little worried that I wont see the results at the scales because of the weight training that has been included in my work out programme but health and measurements should really mean more to me than what it says on the scales.

Do any of you work out? How has it affected your weight loss?


  1. I work out quite a lot and I've still lost weight, although I think I've plateaued a bit now (am within the healthy BMI range though). Measuring your waist will probably be a good way to track your progress, as will tracking your body fat percentage.


  2. I've been doing a lot of strength training as part of my weight loss program and although I have lost 24lb in 6 months, adding the weight training means I am now a size 10-12 (previously at the same weight, I was much bigger in the waist and chest and a big 12). Downside of weight training - you are a lot hungrier and want to eat eat eat as it boosts your metabolism so much!

  3. Weight training is integral to losing weight :) Your metabolism will increase and your body will burn fat as you are toning your muscles. Keep going with the healthy food choices and you will notice a difference very soon !

  4. Thanks ladies, started my training properly yesterday, can barely walk today!

  5. I do find that my weight loss slows down when I'm doing strength training (or I did find that previously before I piled it on and am now having to start form square 1 again!) but I did find that I would be a lot smaller at 150lbs than I would be at 150lbs if I wasn't doing the training - so my dress sizes would change, just not my actual weight.