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Bio Synergy Skinny Water & Skinny Bars

Thursday, 1 March 2012

We were all sent a bottle of Skinny Water and a vanilla flavoured Skinny Bar from the people at Bio Synergy. Both of these products are supposed to help curb hunger and the bars are packed full of protein so help keep you fuller for longer. Gemma has also been sent some Acai Berry supplements that are designed to help aid weight loss.
Here's what we thought:

Lucy - I tried the Skinny Bar as soon as I opened my parcel, it was about two hours before I was due to start work I was a bit peckish but didn't really want to eat before I started work. I still felt slightly peckish afterwards but then I sort of forgot about the hunger pangs and didn't even really feel hungry when I got my break at work - three hours after starting. I really enjoyed the bar, it tasted nice although at first I found the texture a little bit weird but I'd definitely buy them myself, I'm not sure if it's more of a psychological effect they have or not but I think the bar really worked in terms of keeping me satisfied until I was able to have a proper meal. As for the water, I didn't really enjoy it and I didn't feel any effects of it. Perhaps I was being a little too adventurous for it but I had the water before I started a four hour shift, a couple of hours after breakfast, knowing full well that I wouldn't get a break whilst at work. However, by the time I'd finished work I was absolutely ravenous and could have quite happily eaten a scabby horse. I didn't enjoy the taste of the water either, it was nice at first but the more I had the less I seemed to like to somehow. If it's available in other flavours and is reasonably priced then I'd probably give it another chance but after my first try of it I'm not impressed!

Sarah - I really did not like the bar. It has a really strange consistency and reminded me of a vanilla flavoured chewy rennie tablets. Yuck. I had it after dinner before I went out with the girls (I was driving so no further calories consumed) and can't really say if it worked. I could have quite happily have eaten but being in the pub meant that there was nothing available. If I had of been at home I know I would have reached for that chocolate bar. The bars work out to 5 syns on the Slimming World plan. I also didn't like the taste of the water. It is meant to be Pomegranate flavour but all I could taste is the artificial taste of the sweeteners. Having tried both of these only once I could not comment as to whether they do what they claim but personally would not buy either of them based on the taste.
Gemma - I received the skinny cola, I enjoyed the taste and it contained zinc which helps to metabolise the fat in our diet. It also contained l-carnitine which is found naturally in the body where it assists turning fat into energy. I only really drink tea or water so this made a nice change for me. I quite liked the vanilla Skinny Bar, it had a white chocolate flavoured coating and was more than 30% protein. I always feel fuller for longer when I eat a protein breakfast and I found that this bar had a similar effect. I ate it on my break at 10am and it kept me full until lunch at 1.00. It was only 3 pro points on the Weight Watcher plan which is the same as a Breakaway or Curly Wurly, not bad at all. I think these bars would be great for those who run long distances or who work out a lot. keeping you full and giving you energy.
I have also been taking the Acai Berry supplement for 30 days. The capsules contain Acai berry which is the most nutrient-dense berry, and studies have shown the fruit to boost energy and stamina, increase your natural immunity, and boost your metabolism. In 2011 I was losing 1.3lbs a week on average, this year that has increased to 1.5lbs a week so far. I'm not sure if this is down to the supplements or the new year drive to lose weight but I'm happy with the product and I'm going to order another 30 capsules.

Sarah V - I really disliked the taste of both the water and the bar! The texture of the bar is very odd, a bit like nougat and I'll be honest, I couldn't finish it. The calorie count was about 100 calories which isn't THAT amazing, considering there are lots of other tastier products out there for about the same. But it's all down to personal taste I suppose and I know some of the other girls liked the bar!

Charlene - I enjoyed the bar I received, it was the Vanilla flavoured one. I was running late for work and it was on the kitchen worktop, so I grabbed it knowing I wasn't going to get breakfast for 2.5hrs. It has a strange chewy texture, and tastes almost like white chocolate. It's very sweet so I only managed to eat half of it, but I didn't find myself getting hungry until my break 2.5hrs later. It's hard to tell whether this was a coincidence or not after sampling 1 bar, but I'd probably try one again if I saw them in the shops.


  1. It sounds like the bars had a positive effect, I wonder where you can get them from as think they would be good for after a gym session for 3 propoints.

    1. You can buy the products here http://www.bio-synergy.co.uk/ x