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Review - Fruitdrop

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Before we were contacted by Fruitdrop I hadn't heard of them or their services.  Fruitdrop offer a fruit delivery service to offices.  Fruitdrop believe that eating fruit at work has a positive impact on business performance.  Natural sugars in fruit apparently allow us to think faster and remain alert longer which means no more afternoon slumps in energy and fuzzy brains.  Who knew?!

Fruitdrop offer two types of box, a basic box (as seen in the photos) and a seasonal box.  Prices start at £20 per box including delivery.  The box I received contained 50 pieces of fruit which was all in perfect condition and lovely and fresh.  I usually eat five pieces of fruit a day so this was a godsend for me meaning I didn't need to remember to bring my own fruit to work.  Now I've just got to try and convince my employers that they need to subscribe to this...


  1. We have a firm around here who deliver fruit & veg boxes weekly, starting from something ridiculously cheap like £2! I keep meaning to ring them but never remember! Such a great idea x

  2. We have some lovely fair trade things in work but it is all cookies and biscuits. This would be great for my building as we have over 40 people working here. Quite a nice thing to get on a Friday to perk you up too x

  3. Just noticed your blog, it looks pretty cool and I am wanting to get in shape for summer so it will probably help a lot :D
    I work weekends doing security and on every floor of every building they have fruit bowls, I think it is an ace idea! And not only because I get free fruit when I work :P
    Will be looking up some of your healthy recipes :)