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Sunday Summary #46

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another week done & dusted! How are you all getting on?

Sarah V - I'm doing terribly with dieting at the moment. I can't seem to get motivated, and even doing something as structured as Jenny Craig isn't helping - actually, I find that it makes me eat extra badly if I have a day away from home (and therefore away from the diet). But I do find myself looking forward to cooking more when it's over and making lots of yummy healthy dinners - something I've got really bad at doing over the past few months!

Gemma - Another 1lb off this week, slow and steady progress! I've had a really good week and then went a bit off the rails again on a night out. I find it easy to measure drinks before I go out and then just stick to small glasses of wine in the pub. What I do find tricky is saying no to drinks inside a club, people buy you drinks and don't think anything of ordering something with full fat coke or getting you a bottle of beer and these drinks soon start to eat into my points. I try not to worry about this too much, I would rather have a slow steady loss and still have fun.

Sarah - Second week of WW has been good, had lots of nice food and loads of treats. Too many treats maybe as I only had 10 of my weekly points left at the end of the week! I lost 1lb but hopefully if I cut out a few of the extra snacks this week I can double that and get 2lbs.  I still haven't managed any structured exercise.  It's been months (maybe even 6!!) since I really did anything.  I keep saying I will rectify this but I can't see that happening til the evenings start getting lighter.

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  1. I gave up calorie counting months ago and just decided on 'structured' exercise - basically once a week (usually sunday morning) I go for a 30-45min 'run', just starting small like that instills discipline, I could never join a gym and go 3 times a week but I can spend 30mins 'running' once a week whether I'm at home or on my hols :)