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Sunday Summary #45

Monday, 13 February 2012

Another week done! How was yours?

Gemma - After the disaster of last week I lost 3.5 lbs this week taking me to -4.5 stone all together. I had another big night out this weekend and I didn't even bother to count points after my 4th large glass of wine. I had veggie burger and chips the next day to cure my hangover and a wispa gold. I've got two days to turn it around before my weigh in on Tuesday. I'm really enjoying all my new found confidence and enjoy wearing all my new dresses but I'm trying not to slip back in to old habits and undo all my progress so far. Why is weight so hard to lose but so easy to put back on?

Charlene - I've finished the Jenny Craig diet and lost a total of 4 inches and 6lbs throughout the 28 day trial. I've got mixed feelings about the diet, but I'm posting an in-depth review later this week so I'll save my thoughts until then. It's back to eating my own foods now, and it'll be hard not indulging in things I've missed. I'm going to try and stick to the eating pattern and bulk up on vegetables like Jenny Craig taught me, so here's hoping for more losses...

Sarah -  WW got so much easier for me after the first few days, a couple of the days I didn't even want all of my daily points.  I am eating loads of fruit and veg, wholegrains and lean protein but getting the sweet treats that I crave at the same time and life is good!! I still weigh in on a Thursday and lost 2lbs in my first week.  I still had 30 weekly points left last week and was hoping to better that this week but after visiting the chip shop on Friday (250g chips - 16 pro points) and a trip to Nandos on Saturday I have already munched my way thru 30 of my weekly points.  Ooops.

Sarah V is in the wilds of Scotland this weekend, trying to stay away from fried breakfasts!


  1. reading ur blog and the sunday summaries really motivates me each week to try be better in eating habits. and i love all the reciepie postings too.

    1. Glad we can do our part to inspire you! x

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