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Sunday Summary #47

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hello all, have you had a good week?

Sarah - third week on Weight Watchers and it is going well! I lost 2.5lbs this week so am happy with my progress.  5.5lbs in three weeks is really good for me.  I have used more weeklies than usual this weekend so I am hoping I can still manage 1.5lbs off on my next weigh in, I would be made up with half a stone in a month!

Gemma - Another good loss this week with 2.5 off taking me to 4 stone 10.5 loss in total. I'm planning on treating myself to something flashy and a bit special when I get to the -5 stone milestone as a treat and incentive to keep going. I had brilliant week, tried a few new recipes and allowed myself to have a few pancakes but the weekend has been a bit of a disaster again. Too much vodka, oops. I'm off to London on Saturday to meet up with bloggers and have food and cocktails so I'm going to be extra good all week and save up all my weekly pro points to blow on Saturday.

Sarah V - I lost 1lb this week despite eating terribly. However, since then I've refound my motivation and feel like, for the first time in a while, I've had a pretty healthy week. I've finished the Jenny Craig diet trial and being able to eat whatever I want again has added to my motivation - rather than having a strict rulebook to keep to, I can make nice healthy meals. It's actually made me want to start cooking more again. I have a few weeks with nothing significant coming up so I'm hopeful that I can get back on track for the first time in ages. Next step is doing more exercise!

Lucy - I feel as though I've had quite a good week this week, I properly started my Maxitone diet (you can read blog posts I've been doing here) and I've been quite strict with myself at work, something that can be quite difficult because we're forever being sent sweets/chocolate/cupcakes/macaroons to the office! I don't have any scales to weigh myself though so I can't tell 100% how I've done but hopefully a little bit of difference has been made! Now to carry this on through to next week...

Over to you, how has your week been?

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