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Sunday Summary #48

Monday, 5 March 2012

Gemma - Another 1lb off this week, very happy with my results the past month. I went to London yesterday to meet up with some other lovely blogging ladies including my fellow Where Are My Knees member, Sarah. I ate burger with cheese on, chips, cocktails and cupcakes! I got home, went to a house party and had a mix of chambord and vodka with regular lemonade so I did a lot of damage in one day. Dreading hitting those scales but I promise I will try and behave next week. I'm looking to lose another 7lbs by the 6th of April for my trip to Manchester.

Sarah V - A pound off this week and I've managed to stay on track for most of the week! I'm still finding resisting bad food hard, but it's getting easier. Next step is to work some more exercise in...

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