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Sunday Summary #49

Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Sunday! How have your weeks been?

Gemma - Had a great result at the scales this week, -2.5lbs which takes me to a grand total of -5 stone! Really happy with this achievement and although it has taken a year it doesn't feel like it has been very tough at all. I really don't have a goal weight that I would like to get to so I'm just going to keep going until I'm happy with the way I look/feel. I've had a pretty bad week as far as tracking is concerned and I have gone over my points but it has just been 'one of those weeks' feeling inspired to push for another big loss next week and get to -6 stone.

Sarah V - I lost another 1.5lbs this week. I know that at the moment I could be better than I'm being but at least it's going down! I'm going to try and factor more exercise in this week, I think that's a big thing I'm missing. I'm only exercising once a week at the moment and I don't think it's making enough difference!

Lucy - I've slipped off the diet wagon this week, I haven't been stupidly bad but I have discovered chocolate Philadelphia - oops. I have joined Weight Watchers though so I'm going to be following that plan in unison with Maxitone. I intend to start that tomorrow, going to have weigh-ins on Tuesdays though so it'll be another fortnight before I can officially update with my first week's progress. Wish me luck!

Sarah - I have just completed week one of my Jenny Craig trial.  I am doing it from a Weight Watchers point of view and am pointing everything I eat.  I am writing a weekly update over on my own blog, the first of which is up now.  If you want to read more about Jenny Craig check out my first post or read about Charlene's experiences.


  1. Well done gem you are doing so so amazing and you look so gorgeous. I'm struggling but I know what i'm doing wrongx

  2. Congratulations, Gem! 5 stone in a year is amazing. x

  3. Thanks ladies! feeling much better for it too xx

  4. 5 stone! Absolutely amazing Gem, really well done :) :)

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