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Sunday Summary #37

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gemma - I couldn't attend class this week because I had to work but I weighed at home and I have either maintained my weight or stayed the same (can't really tell with my scales) I have been really good all week and went to M&S to stock up on lots of lovely Count on Us food. They have all the Weight Watchers Pro Points written on them which is handy and are very filling and tasty. I also plan to make some more soups this week.
Anyone following the WW plan? What do you think of the changes?

Sarah V - A pound and a half off this week which I'm happy with! I really have been good lately - just trying to stick to it until all the Christmas socials start!

Charlene - There's always something that gets in the way! Was quite happily doing the 30 Day Shred when I went and hurt my ankle. I've still been doing some crunches and arm weights but haven't really seen any improvements like I would have if I had stuck to the shred. Hoping I'll be okay to restart it tomorrow!

Sarah got MARRIED yesterday and is off on her honeymoon! We are so excited for her and wish Sarah and her new Mr all the luck in the world for their life together as newlyweds!


  1. i often eat weight watcher ready meals for tea and they are just amazing, last night i had their new italian spaghetti and meatballs and was so pleasantly surprised! also discovered low fat 'glorious skinny soup in fragrant thai carrot' which i have just done a post on, it's absolutely delicious. well done on maintaining your weight! x

  2. and congrats on all the progress guys!x