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Clothing Confession

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Have you looked into your wardrobe recently and noticed how many items you never wear?

I have clothes dating back to around 2003 in my wardrobe, lots of 'thin clothes' that I had when I was my smallest and working in Topshop and clothes that I bought in December last year when I was my biggest. I don't really want any of these clothes in my wardrobe anymore, my style has changed a lot since I was in college and most of my Topshop uniform was very fashionable at the time but it is all rather dated now.

The biggest change I need to make in my wardrobe is getting rid of all my clothes that are too big for me.
The clothes that range from a size 20-24 are holding me back, I don't want to be that size ever again and keeping those clothes means I can easily slip back into bad habits.
I also think it is equally important to get rid of old clothes that are too small for me. I don't want to look back, I want to work towards being the best I can be. I am the happiest I have been in a long time and have bags more confidence now so I'm going to have a fresh start with my wardrobe and hope that this spurs me on to reach my weight loss goals.

I want to wear a dress like this on my birthday next year-

This means hitting my goal of being about a size 12-14 and maintaining that weight. I've always wanted a Vivienne Westwood dress and I think losing around 6-7 stone is the perfect excuse to buy one.  I would rather have a few really nice pieces in my wardrobe that fit me properly than have piles of clothes that don't fit. It's time to fill those charity bags and get listing on eBay!

Getting rid of those unworn clothes and those that no longer fit can also benefit others...

Tommy’s are working with Weight Watchers to raise money through a Clothing Amnesty, encouraging supporters to donate their unwanted clothes – including those items they never wear – and raise £10 per bag, which goes directly to Tommy’s charity via the clothesforcash scheme. For those who aren’t quite ready to part with their wardrobe but would still like to help Tommy’s, there’s also a new ‘Clothing Confession’ Facebook app; users just need to visit the app and share what their clothing confession item is, and Weight Watchers will donate 10p per person to Tommy’s.
Celebrity stylist Louise Roe is also involved in the campaign, and talks about her involvement in this video. There’s also the chance for users to win selected items from Louise’s wardrobe via the app.

I've looked in to what Tommy's do and it is a really great charity. Evidence shows that women who smoke, have a poor diet or carry excessive weight during pregnancy are more likely to have poor pregnancy outcomes.Tommy's help to educate women so they can make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their babies. In the UK, one in four women will lose a baby as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy's wants to help lower this alarming statistic.

Are you still holding on to clothes that don't fit properly? It's time to have a clear out!


  1. ''I would rather have a few really nice pieces in my wardrobe that fit me properly than have piles of clothes that don't fit'' - THIS is the story of my life ! i hate the fact i have so many ill fitting clothes its actually de motivating me ;-( you have inspired me to have a clear out for a great cause xx


  2. My wardrobe is STUFFED with clothes from size 8 to 16, I'm somewhere in the middle at the moment but I'm resisting the urge to get rid of the bigger clothes as part of me really wants to put them on when I'm at my goal and be like "oh my god, was i ever this big?!" haha. But i am promising myself a total wardrobe clearout when I get to goal where I only keep the things that fit me and treat myself to all the basics in the correct size, it's going to be an amazing feeling!

  3. That's definitely the perfect excuse to buy a Vivienne Westwood dress bb! I went through my wardrobe before I came back to uni & bagged up loads of stuff that no longer fits. Only problem is I went out & bought lots of stuff that does fit...Which aside from being exciting, means I now have about 10 yet to be worn pairs of jeans/shorts amongst a handful of other things.

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