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Sunday Summary #35

Monday, 14 November 2011

Gemma: -3lbs this week, hurrah! this takes me to -54.5. I would love to hit the -60 mark before early December and then try to maintain my weight over Christmas with a possibly 1-2lb gain. I think this weeks weight loss was a delayed reaction from last week rather than me being particularly good this week. I haven't got many events or nights out planned until December so no excuses not to do well.

Sarah V - 2.5lbs off this week! I was hoping for 3lbs to make up for gaining it the week before, but at least it's almost there. With Christmas in sight, my motivation is 100% back and I've found myself making an extra effort to work exercise into my daily routine, and scrutinising the calorie and fat counts on labels when I grab a sandwich as a quick snack! I'm missing my usual Rosemary Conley class this week, but I'm going to make the effort to go to a different class so I stay on track.

Sarah -1.5lbs this week, like Sarah V I was hoping for more to make up for the previous two weeks gains.  I was 100% on plan so hopefully I will get a big loss this coming week although the wedding I went to yesterday may have scuppered that :(

Much better results for Team Where Are My Knees this week! How was your week?


  1. Wow Well done girls!!! What a great week! I'm close to my 10% now so I'm hoping to get that soon xx

  2. What a great week for everyone! I've totally lost my Slimming World mojo at the moment, so it's good to see some good news for others on that front! Jen x

  3. Well done on the weigh loss ladies! Gemma, you're inspiring the crap out of me! :D x

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