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Sunday Summary #34

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another week down!

Gemma- I only lost 1lb this week, not too bad considering how off the rails I went last week and it is my first class back after London. I'm really missing staying for the whole class, I have to leave after weigh in to get to work on Friday mornings because I am covering a vacancy and I work on Monday evening when the other class is held. Only a few more weeks of covering the vacancy left, I really miss hearing other peoples weight loss stories and getting some inspiration from my class leader. I bought the Weight Watcher magazine this weekend and I'm going to get involved on the message boards on the WW website to see if I can get back on track and find some inspiration. I'm also going to make a progress chart and inspiration collage to go on my wall, will show you the results in the week.

Sarah V - I gained 3lbs at my weigh-in this week which was gutting. But I completely know why, I was poorly last week and dieting was the last thing from my mind. I've been really good for the rest of the week though and as of this morning, that 3lbs has gone. So hopefully I will have a good result next week. I'm determined to stop making excuses and actually have an impactful weight loss by Christmas!

Charlene - Not going to bother weighing myself this week. Went to the gym lots but just feel awful eating all this pub/restaurant food every single day. :( It's making me lose motivation and I didn't think twice about ordering chinese takeaway last night. Ugh!

Sarah - I gained 2lbs at weigh in this week :(  I have lost my dieting mojo recently so am being really really strict with myself in order to get it back.   I'm also getting extra help and motivation from some of my lovely twitter friends, you guys know who you are - thank you!!

Lucy is currently in the air flying back from her Australian adventures so will be back next week to update you all.

We're not doing that well at the moment, what top tips would you share with us to help us get back on track?  How have you done this week?


  1. I always hard to maintain my diet as it starts to get darker and colder. Haven't actually gained any weight yet, but I will soon if I don't make a change.
    I plan on buying my xmas party dress in my current size as my motivation to keep on track.

  2. @Betty Leopard: I have the exact opposite problem! For some reason, the winter is the easiest time for me to diet. I think that it is because I'm a student, and all of my friends are off during the summer. We work all day, and then eat all night (or so it seems.) I tend to lose 20lbs during the winter, just to put it back on in the summer :(

  3. Gemma, add me as a friend on ww if you want, user name is xsezziex
    I have found being on the boards good inspiration and stops me from boredom eating so much. I also started a progress collage as well, its still work in progress as want to print more pictures but seeing it unfinished is making me remember my journey isn't finished yet either.

    Charlene, I sometimes find the shock of seeing the scales gets me out of my "funk" maybe worth considering.

    I sometimes find that focusing on numbers on scales can get me down, so set yourself new goals, mine is to try and do my 10,000 steps a day. Find something that will help towards your weight loss journey in other ways. Have a look for recipe ideas to try, something to give you focus.

  4. I'm trying to get back into shaping up - I bought a Wii Fit but I'm finding it hard to bother getting on it... not to mention that I always buy snacks on the way home because I've 'had a bad day' (my excuse). I'm following for some motivation!!!

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