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Sunday Summary 87

Monday, 18 February 2013

Another week down, how did you get on this week?

Sarah - I had a bit of a wobble this week albeit a semi planned wobble.  I baked a cake for Gray for Valentines and after some mean period pains last night I decided to indulge in a slice.  It was really good and made me feel a whole lot better, sometimes you need a bit of comfort food!  I have stayed the same this week so still on -14lbs this year.  I am planning on a few evening walks this week so weather please be kind, I'm not dedicated enough to go out in the rain!

Gemma - Another 1/2lb off this week which is great considering the amount of vodka and rum I had on the weekend, pancakes and other naughty things I have indulged in. I've got a few dresses that I bought before Christmas that are too tight at the moment which are providing my inspiration to start shifting some weight. I don't have much planned this week and will be saying no to alcohol until a party on the 9th so hopefully I will be 4lbs lighter by then and able to wear my lovely polka dot Topshop dress.

Sarah V - I was gutted to find out that I gained this week! Only 0.5lbs but it was a surprise. Although I was good all week, there are potential reasons so I'm trying not to beat myself up about it! But it was still a bit of a blow after such a good run. I'm back on it this week though - and as well as eating right, I've also done loads of exercise this weekend - so I'm really hoping to have lost in my weigh-in tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Rosie - I usually weigh myself on a Saturday but after a Valentine's meal in, a Valentine's meal out (I don't have two boyfriends, we just celebrated twice!) and then having brunch with a friend on Saturday I can't quite bring myself to step on the scales.  Knowing I'd already done damage to my week of being good I then gave in to ice cream and chocolate last night and polished off a packet of chocolate fingers today.  Onwards and upwards though and I've done a super healthy food shop for this week and will be walking the dog and doing an exercise DVD every morning and going swimming in the evenings so I can blast away those cheeky lbs I will have gained this weekend.

Be sure to update us on your progress!


  1. I'm starting on a journey which has been inspired by reading about all of your successes. Wish me luck.

  2. Well done girls.
    1.5 lbs off 4 stone now and tracking everything to ensure I get it as also want 5 stone before Easter. Gave up Crisps, Nuts, Anything from Greggs and probably harder than anything... Bread for Lent.

    Hopefully I get my reward at Easter !!

  3. Its nice to see we are all human. Thing is sometimes life does happen and we have a little slip up or two its how you respond to it thats important and it sounds like your all going to be focused and on track again. Good luck for this week!