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Super Easy & Low ProPoint Fake Carbonara

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It suddenly occurred to me to make this recipe the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised when I worked out the points. This has always been my go-to comfort food recipe, which my sister taught me. It's not really carbonara of course - real carbonara has cream and eggs and stuff in it but this is really yummy and creamy and comforting and tasty. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

What it is, is crazy easy and I'm sure we're not the first people to use mushroom soup as a sauce! Anyway, I don't really think of this as a diet recipe because it's so easy and so hearty - and, truthfully, the way I cooked until recently isn't particularly healthy! But by making it with your diet in mind, you don't lose any flavour but save a whole heap of calories.

This makes 4 servings, but if you upped the pasta it would probably stretch to 5. I like it saucy, though. :)

Super Easy Fake Carbonara
1 Can Bachelors or Campbells Low Fat Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup - 4PP
5 Bacon Medallions (Smoked or Unsmoked) - 3PP
8 tbsp semi skimmed milk (roughly) - 2PP
210g Pasta (uncooked weight) - 20PP
75g Low Fat Cheese, Grated - 6PP
8 mushrooms - 0PP
1 onion - 0PP
2 leeks - 0PP
=35PP (9PP per serving)

To reduce points: Reduce or leave out the cheese, use skimmed milk, use smaller pasta portions, stretch the sauce over more portions of pasta, use less bacon

1 - Prepare the pasta as per the packet instructions.
2 - Chop up your bacon and fry in a non-stick frying pan or wok.
3 - Whilst that's cooking, chop up your onion and mushrooms (and any other vegetables you fancy - this time I added leek which was SO good) and then throw in with the bacon. I usually add a clove of garlic at this point too.
4 - Let the bacon and vegetables cook for 10 minutes or so or until the onions are soft.
5 - Throw in the can of soup and add your milk, stirring until well combined with the meat and veg. Add any seasoning you fancy - a pinch of rosemary and of thyme is pretty tasty.
6 - Add the cheese to your pan and stir into the sauce.
7 - When your pasta is cooked, add that to the pan and stir in. And that's it! Eat it up. It also freezes really well, so make it in bulk and pop a few portions in the freezer.

This is only 9PP a portion, unbelievably! It's super tasty without it but you can add extra cheese on top if you have points to use up. I've also upped the pasta portions from the standard 40g per person to 52g a person (which I now realise is a weird number but I was trying to up it by 1 point per person) which to be honest with you was the perfect amount - not too much or not too little. Or, keep the points low and then have pudding. :)


  1. I love carbonara, made one myself the other day using soft cheese to make sauce, but never thought about using soup! Might have to give it a try :)

  2. Good idea! I never think to use mushroom soup, always soft cheese!

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