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Move More, Sit Less

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I find a certain aspect of my weight loss very tricky... exercise. I HATE IT. I have so many things to do when I get home from work like look at Dr Who gifs on tumblr and take photos of my dog and put them on instagram. Joking aside, I work long hours and commute for a couple of hours each day so the last thing I want to do in the evening is hit the gym. 

Our modern lifestyle is making us more sedentary than ever before and I sit at a desk for about 7 hours a day, sit on the sofa from about 7-10 when I get home, cook food, hang out with my family and then go to sleep. This is not good and the past couple of weeks I have been trying to make some changes and increase my activity levels.

I asked my self what small changes can I make to get more activity into my day? I thought the best way to start moving more would be to go for walks on my lunch break. Sitting down all day in the same stuffy building isn't much fun so I have really been enjoying these walks and getting some fresh air. I've been packing lunches like salads and wraps instead of soups and things that need to be warmed so I can eat them while I'm out in the park. Cathays park is such a lovely area with pretty university buildings so I wish I started these lunch time walks months ago. I've also started to wear my pedometer to work out if I'm achieving a healthy amount of activity. The pedometer tracks your steps and distance as well as calculating how many ProPoints you have earned so they are a really handy tool while losing weight.

All the extra activity has payed off because I managed to lose 1/2 lb last week even though I went on holiday to Paris and had a few sneaky macarons and pastries. I printed off a map, and walked around Pairs instead of getting the metro and I did a walking tour of the Marais district. I was on my feet all day for the entire weekend.
I've enjoyed the walking so much that I've ordered a pair of trainers and want to earn some activity ProPoints for the weekend so I can enjoy a glass of wine without feeling guilty. I'm also thinking of going for a jog and talking my dog, she has a few too many dog treats and could do with a jog too.

Have you got any tips to help me move more and shift a bit more weight?


  1. Walking more is always a good idea, if I've got my headphones in (and it's not raining) then it really doesn't feel like exercise! xx

  2. Gemma i've started doing exactly the same in my lunch break too! Post on this tommorro ;)

  3. Lunch break movement is always a good idea. I tend to stay in at lunch, for shame. BUT, the key has to be to get out of the "I hate exercise" mindset. If it's something you tell yourself you hate, you'll always begrudge it. I thought I hated it - turns out I really don't, now that I'm into it. Plus, it's so often the case that people make excuses for not exercising. If it's worth doing, it's worth making time for! Enjoy!

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