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Low point Fajitas

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It's so hard being good sometimes when you are with friends. We're a social bunch and when we're all together, there's a big emphasis on eating and drinking lots. Aaand lots. This would be why I am on Weight Watchers!

The other week a couple of my girl friends came round and I volunteered to cook. I wanted to do something really tasty, but not all like *jazz hands* 'Hey guys, I'm on a DIET!' So I decided to try out fajitas, but with Weight Watchers in mind. Fajitas are actually great for this kind of thing - the general filling is pretty low fat if you use chicken or fish (I don't eat seafood, so that sounds gross to me) - it's just the sauces and cheese etc that add calories! You can even still offer all those things to your friends, just avoid them yourself.

At 16PP it's not the lowest, but as always, I've listed some ways you can cut out points below. I normally have porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch, so I was able to eat this for dinner without going over my points allowance.

Fajitas Points Values
Old El Paso Fajita Kit:
2 x tortillas per person - 8PP
1/3 packet seasoning mix - 1PP (tbh I usually only use 1/2 packet for everyone)

1 chicken breast 4PP
1/3 Tesco mini tex mex dips (70g each) 3PP
Tesco Fresh Salsa 0PP
Lots of salad & vegetables!
=16PP per Person

To reduce points - Just use salsa as a dip, use less of the seasoning mix or create your own, use Weight Watchers tortilla wraps (3PP a wrap and they are about the same size as the 4PP Old El Paso ones), use less chicken and more vegetables

1 - Cook the chicken in the fajita mix and then add the chopped veg (onions, mushrooms, peppers)
2 - When 1 is complete, microwave the tortilla wraps for 30 secs
3 - Pile all the stuff in the wrap and eat, served with lots of salad, whilst getting it all over your face, inevitably.

Another way to bulk this out would be to add butternut squash wedges which are free!

PS - I'm on the hunt for more UK Weight Watchers blogs as I'm always wanting more recipes to try out! Please let me know your recommendations, or if you have one yourself! :)


  1. I love fajitas. The Old El Paso sour cream is only 2 tablespoons for 1 point as well!

    I have a blog on Weight Watchers but need to keep it updated more often!!

    1. Oooh that is so good to know! Next time I'll double up on sour cream and salsa and leave out the guacamole, yum!

  2. Mmmmm fajitas are gorgeous! I find a drizzle of extra low fat plain yoghurt works well in place of sour cream.

    I've been blogging about WW and posting recipes for a while at http://thewwfoodie.blogspot.co.uk - although it can be more food-ey than WW-ey!


    1. I'm taking a look now! :) Yep yoghurt is always a good plan. It's also really nice in coleslaw if you do half yoghurt and half mayo!

  3. I love faijtas. I never use all the seasoning and always bulk out with veg so use less chicken. or I have one faijta and have homemade wedges/chips with it instead to fill me up more or a side salad

    1. I used all the seasoning once and they were SO spicy! Next time I quite fancy making them with sweet potato fries - YUM!

  4. you could also skip the tortilla and just have chicken/veg/seasoning/salsa on a big salad!

    1. You could! I must confess I like a bit of carbyness in my meals though. :)

  5. Yum, love fajitas! Great idea as a food for friends as everyone is a little different in what they like, they can pick and choose which toppings and sauces to have. Will have to give this a go.

    1. That was my thinking! It meant that I could be good but my friends could pile on the creamy dips and the cheese etc if they wanted (but bless them, they went for the healthy options too).

  6. I usually use lettuce leaves instead of a wrap- a bit of a challenge to eat, but can be fun! I also add coriander cos it adds so much flavour for practically zero calories!

  7. Got some decent WW blogs linked up on right hand side of mine

    This week. Have listed everything I have ate. Normally do it as a #TweetWhatYouEat over on Twitter (name is @Fat4nOW) but also reviewed it and good to see it listed alphabetically and then what days what is eaten.


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