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Sunday Summary 86

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hi everyone, have you had a good week?

Sarah V - I really feel like I'm in the swing of Weight Watchers now and gratifyingly that's reflecting in the scales - I lost 4lbs this week which makes it 11.5lbs in total in a month! I am crossing my fingers that I will have done 2.5lbs in my weigh in tomorrow, marking my first stone, but I think that's probably wishful thinking - even though I've stayed on plan this week, I think the few glasses of wine I had last night might affect things a little. But as long as I keep seeing a loss, I'll be happy! :)

Gemma - I lost 1lb this week, hurrah! All my walking has been paying off and my trip to Paris didn't do the damage I thought it would. I had pastries but I also walked for about 8 hours a day around the city so it balanced out the bad food choices. This week is going to be tricky with pancakes, valentines and a night out but I'm going to try my best to be as good as I can. Do you have any good low fat pancake topping ideas?

Chris - The most exiting thing that happened to me this week was this:

That's right; I went and bought myself some new gym trainers. I'd been wearing a pair of Karrimor trainers, but in truth they weren't entirely suited to the heavy aerobics that comes with a Body Attack class. As such, every jump was uncomfortable and a little bit jarring - which is why I decided to go out and grab something new. I bought the shoes you can see above; a pair of Asics Cumulus 13s. They were pricey, but when it comes to making sure I don't smash my shins into a million pieces, I'd rather spend the money. So this week, I became a leading expert on gym shoes, is basically what I'm trying to say.

Sarah - Yay!! This week I have lost 1.5lbs bringing my total weight loss to a whole stone.  14lbs down and only 14-21lbs to go.  All without adding in any exercise yet!  I am loving this plan and feel so much better in myself - review on the plan to come soon!

Rosie - I lost 1lb this week, I feel slimmer though which I count as a more accurate and rewarding measure of whether the healthy eating and exercise is paying off.  I'm really enjoying swimming at the gym/spa I've joined and seeing myself in a swimsuit or bikini every couple of days is certainly motivation to tone up in time for when I'll be wearing swimwear in a beach in company rather than just in front of strangers at the gym!

How have you found this week?


  1. Sounds like everyone's had a good week :) I had a bit of a breakthrough this weekend, because I actually started enjoying going to the gym again. Phew! xx

  2. Gemma, we have some great pancake topping ideas. Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Why not add blueberries to the batter? Then the berries become warm and even more delicious. Or maybe cut fruit like apples, blueberries, bananas or strawberries into little pieces; then cook them in a tiny bit of water for about five minutes or so. Add the warm topping to your pancakes. Or if you prefer cold fruit on your hot pancakes, strawberries and bananas go really well. Enjoy!

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