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Monthly Summary: May

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hi everyone! How was your May?

Sarah V - May hasn't been the best month for me weight loss wise. The bank holidays threw me off track and I ate terribly! That said, I didn't actually gain any weight this month. I'm currently 4lbs down from the last monthly summary (based on hopping on my mum's scales yesterday!) but am still not QUITE at my two stone which is really frustrating! I've been at 'nearly' two stone for weeks now. I only have 1.5lbs to go though so I'm getting there and I do feel like I can see it on my stomach. This last week I have been tracking more carefully and have been cooking more again, and I have set myself a goal of losing a stone by my birthday which is 2 months away. June has the potential to be calorific (weddings and festivals!) so I really need to focus on being super good where I can and not going totally off the rails at special occasions. Half a stone by July 1st? Let's do it.

Gemma - May has been very good to me. I've been taking part in Gym for the Win since midway through the month and it's really made a difference for me. I'm feeling much more fit after just three weeks at the gym and I've really enjoyed having some time to myself in the evenings. I've lost about 5lbs this month and I've really not lost anything this year apart from my Christmas gain. I've also re-joined Weight Watchers classes after finding that online only subscription really wasn't working for me. It took me a while to find the right class but I now go on Saturday morning which is perfect for me. I can go a little mad on Saturday night and then have a whole week to make up for it before weigh in again.I hope I can keep up my new gym routine and Saturday morning class for the rest of the year and finally get to my -100lbs goal.

Sarah - I haven't been on track for the whole of May and as a result have gained over half a stone.  We lived on take outs and grabbed snacks in the week following the move and in the two weeks after whilst we were spending every second decorating.  I then went on holiday where I over indulged which is what holidays are for.  Everything is now out of the way and I have a clear month to get back on track and going to start The Harcombe Diet over.  I found it easy to stick to as it curbs my cravings which are usually my downfall.  Low carbing also gives me so much more energy and no sugar slumps.  You have to be 100% committed and plan in order to follow it so give me a kick if you see any naughties on my instagram feed!!  I'm going to aim for 7lbs this month too, lets go Sarah V!

Rosie - I went on holiday in the second week of May - the couple of weeks prior I was very focussed, running almost every day, using MyFitnessPal to track calories and nutritional content and banning sugar and eating out.  Nothing like the thought of being in a bikini to keep you on point! I must admit that since I returned I've been back in the three pound zone - at the moment I'm fluctuating between three different weights almost weekly - the good news is that I've not been heavier than the top weight this year, the bad news is I can't seem to get lower than the lowest weight no matter what I do, and I'd still like to lose a few lbs off it.  I'm off to France for almost the whole of June so I am envisaging lots of cheese and wine but I'll also be taking my running gear to try and counteract all the amazing French food!


  1. I'd love to get involved a pledge, this is such an awesome idea! :-) It's so great and reassuring to know that there are others out there in the same boat and doing awesome!


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