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Guest Post - Rave dance class by Amy from (A) My Space

Saturday, 29 June 2013

By Amy Rowland - amylysette.blogspot.co.uk - @amylysette 

I hate gyms. Really hate them. Last year I took leave of my senses and ended up signing up for a years membership. I did one gym class and never went again. That gym class cost me £444. OUCH. 

Anyway, I've already lost 20lbs with Weight Watchers but need to lose another 20lbs before I reach my goal. And I'm not stupid. I know to do that I do need to do some exercise. And I'm not opposed to exercise. Just gyms. So when I saw an advert for Fitness Freak's dance rave class I signed up immediately. Now dancing is a form of exercise I love so much so I don't even realise it's exercise.

My friend Elaine and I arrived at the Vaults under Waterloo station and were handed glow sticks. So far, so rave. There was a real party atmosphere inside which made you forgot you were about to exercise at all. It was more like you were in a club with your mates. 

The rave kicked off and was led by instructor Loren and Fitness Freak founder Shara. The first song was I like to move it, move it and so we did. 

The class was a mix of cardio and conditioning exercise with a lot of glow stick waving in the area and free styling. Oh and of course lots of 'big fish, little fish, cardboard box.'

The class was SO enjoyable. Unlike a gym where you feel everyone is looking at you, the rooms as dark so it really didn't matter if you made a mistake, no one saw. The aim of the game was fun whilst burning up to 500 calories. It certainly did that. I was very sweaty and had very achey thighs the next day!

There is no doubt I'd do it again as it barely felt like exercise. And as for dancing with a glow stick? I may make this a regular thing…

Have you tried any unusual forms of exercise? What works for you?

We at Where Are My Knees? want to say a massive thank you to Amy for sharing her experience with us here today. We're always looking for people to guest post for us, so if you're interested then please do get in touch. Whether you're just starting out, halfway there or have already achieved your goals, we'd love to hear from you! You can email us at wherearemyknees@gmail.com, or drop us a tweet at @wherearemyknees.

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  1. This looks such fun! I wish there were more places that did this locally! Sharon X