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What I Ate Wednesday: (A Day In The Life of Weight Watchers by Sarah V)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I love Gem’s Day in the Life posts and it’s inspired me to do my own. I thought it might be interesting as I have a smaller points allowance than Gem (it’s allocated due to height, start weight etc). The lowest your points go down to is 26 and that's where I now am - I started on 28 points so it hasn't gone down TOO much, though.

My weigh-in is on a Monday night so during the week I normally try to stick strictly to my 26 points and then save my 49 for the weekend, unless I have a dinner out or something in the week.

This is an average day at work...

Fruit & Fibre with an apple chopped into it & a splash of milk = 4PP (inc milk)
(I always have a variety of breakfasts at work as I don't always want the same thing. Sometimes I have an OatsoSimple porridge sachet (5PP including milk) and sometimes I have two Alpen Light bars (3PP) but I always try to have something.)

½ Pot M&S Chicken, Mushroom & Rice Soup = 6PP
(I normally have soup for lunch but try to stick to filling ones that contain carbs such as rice, potato or beans. This soup is more like a stew or fricassee, as it has giant chunks of chicken and is full of rice! It's SO tasty.)

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese = 9PP
30g Low Fat Cheese = 2PP
(I try to keep most of my dinners at around the 10PP mark - the ones that are over are usually the ones that already include cheese like my chorizo bake. Posting recipes on here regularly forces me to keep trying new things and ensures I don't get bored of eating healthily.)

Skips = 2PP
2 Finger KitKat = 3PP
(I make sure to always have WW-friendly snacks in my drawer at work so that if I fancy something I don’t just have what’s around as it’s never a healthy option in my office! All the regular KitKats (not the Chunky ones) are 1PP per finger and 3PP if you have 2 - meaning they are probably about 1.4PP per finger but points are always rounded up or down. Skips & Space Raiders are 2PP a bag which is the same as a WW bag of crisps.)

= 26PP exactly

I find 26PP more than enough – and could happily miss out on my snacks most days. Something about knowing they're there makes me less likely to crave them, which I never thought was how my mind worked! On weigh-in days I usually skip the snacks and then have a bigger dinner or a chocolate bar once I've dealt with the scales.

I don’t drink tea or coffee so don’t have to worry about a milk allowance each day – but I think I often end up putting that towards cheese on my dinner! I think I mention cheese in every WW post I do… I just really like cheese.


  1. I usually have wotsits as my snack at work as they're 2 points too but I might switch it up with the skips!

    1. Ooh, I might switch it up with Wotsits! Space Raiders are also only 2pp as are some bags of popcorn!

  2. Replies
    1. It's awesome! I put red wine and olives in it too, yummm.

  3. The soup looks tasty - I will have to try that one :)

    1. In the winter I basically eat it every day! That and the Moroccan Chicken, amazing.

  4. Yum! I find these posts SO helpful, thanks for sharing! Especially useful to show keeping to a diet without having to buy all the diet specific food! xxx

    1. Oh, totally. I am not a huge fan of a lot of the diet branded stuff, I would much rather have a REAL chocolate bar or bag of crisps than a diet version, they're always kind of cardboardy! I do often find diet food a bit more expensive than regular food but that's really only because I put a lot of money towards fresh vegetables. But because I batch-cook and freeze, they can still keep you going for ages!

  5. I started weightwatchers 3 weeks ago and find the diet really easy to stick to. I think it helped me realise that I was overeating and snacking when I was 'bored'. This is a great post! x

    1. Totally agree, I can't believe it took me so long to start it! I like that you can eat everything, just in moderation. Snacking is completely my downfall too, making myself eat 3 decent meals a day makes a huge difference I think!

  6. The breakfast you had looks fantastic! Will have to try it out myself. Some great ideas on your blog :)

    http://www.ragsoflove.com/ xx

    1. It's lush! I find fruit & fibre a bit dry but it goes beautifully with apple!