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Thank god for you, Pizza Express.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lovely bloggers Lily and Michelle!

When I am on following a diet, I develop a bit of a dread about eating out. So few places make allowances for diet plans and so a meal out usually means going seriously off the rails. I usually don’t even track my WW points because I know that I’ve probably eaten about four billion without even realising it. Nightmare.

There are a couple of restaurants that I will try and steer people to though as I know that they are diet-friendly and Pizza Express is top of that list. I can’t think of any other major restaurant chain that makes as much effort towards healthy eating. The thing is, when you go to Pizza Express, you want to eat PIZZA, and they get that. Their Leggera range completely scratches the pizza itch without the guilt (and their salads are awesome, too).

Their supermarket range is incredible, too, and for the longest time it frustrated me as they didn’t seem to shout about it (they do now though). Many of their pizzas like the Sloppy Guiseppe and Pollo Ad Astra are 500-600 calories for the whole thing, which is perfectly reasonable for dinner – and that’s not even counting their reduced fat range.

So – BEST EVENT EVER. Pizza Express invited myself and a few other bloggers to visit their Holborn store and find out about their new menu. They talked a lot about their efforts towards healthy living, not just for adults but for families as well (they do a lot of work with schools, teaching children about using fresh, healthy ingredients).

Then, awesomely, we got to make pizza. And not just adding toppings – we got to throw dough around and all sorts! So much fun.

Once we’d finished our masterpieces, they were taken away and popped in the oven before we all sat down for a lovely pizza dinner. As well as our own personalised pizzas, there were huge portions of the new Superfood Salad out which I am now a bit obsessed with (I even got it as takeaway for lunch the other day!). I always prefer not to order salad when I go out for dinner but now I can’t wait for my work lunch at Pizza Express next week because I need that salad in my life again!

This was a fantastic event, and I learnt a lot too. It completely backed up everything I’ve been banging on about for years about how great Pizza Express are (seriously, go back and read my early posts!) and it was so much fun. I know it probably sounds like I’m being sponsored by Pizza Express, but I promise I’m not – I genuinely think they’re amazing for considering healthy eating without compromising on taste. Even if you’re NOT on a diet, their pizzas are so much better for you than anyone else’s – and cutting down on your fat isn’t a bad thing for anyone to do. I love you, Pizza Express!


  1. This sounds like a great evening! Your pizza looks delicious! I always order the pesto leggera pizza (so yum!) when I go to Pizza Express. Infact, my boyfriend and I are going for dinner there this week as I have a voucher to use - score. xx

  2. It looks like you had lots of fun. I love the Pizza Express leggera pizzas. I can indulge and enjoy pizza without feeling guilt. That salad looks delicious too.

  3. Wow this sounds like my kind of event! Super jealous! I love a leggera and a mozzarella & tomato salad to start :) x

  4. I love pizza express, both their leggera range and the romana bases. Plus, their incredible dough balls, if only they were weight loss friendly! And I can't get enough of their caffe reale. Oh yum!

  5. Ooo thats so cool. I love the leggera pizzas, their salads are great so salad + pizza in one dish = yum!

  6. Ah this was such a fun night! Lovely as always to see you Sarah, I've 100% been ordering these and offering my pizza making anecdotes at dinner dates recently! xx

  7. This was such a fun evening! I went back to Pizza Express last week and had the superfood salad and it was so good. x

  8. Those pizzas look amazing and its so cool you got chance to go and make your own.

  9. I know what you mean about not wanting to have salad when out for dinner, but PizzaExpress salads really are just something else in my opinion! xx