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Exciting News!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Things have been a little quiet on here recently as we have been busy working in the background to secure two new fabulous members into the Where Are My Knees fold.  WAMK was due a bit of a shake up and whilst we are sad to see old members leave we are very excited to introduce our new members!! 

We decided we would like to open up the position for the final WAMK team member to the people who have supported us on our journey so far, you guys!  If you are interested in joining WAMK please send us an email to wherearemyknees@gmail.com answering the following questions:

1) Tell us about you and your weight loss journey so far
2) Tell us why you would like to join WAMK and what you can offer our readers
3) Tell us a random fact so we can learn more about you

Please include your blog URL and twitter name and any other information you think will make you stand out from other applicants.

We can't wait to read your entries!  Our two new members will be revealed over the next few days so make sure to check back and give them a very warm welcome.

Much love

**EDIT - You do not need to be a blogger to apply, just apply as above and also include a guest post for WAMK which will be published and will give us an example of your writing style.  Bloggers can also include a guest post if they like which again will be published**


  1. Emailed you eek!

  2. Ooh I was wondering if you were going to take on new people, how exciting! I look forward to meeting the new contributors - and good luck to everyone applying for the last spot! Cx

  3. Oh, It would be amazing to be a member! I'm just drafting my email! :) xx

  4. Ww yey how exciting, looking forward to meeting the new ladies!

  5. ooooooooo very exciting! xxx

  6. I love the fact it's called 'WAMK' gotta be careful saying that :) I can't wait to find out who the new members are!!

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  7. I have entered :) I have my fingers crossed I would love to be a team member.
    gem x

  8. oo I'd love to join! If I remember I'll apply after work :)

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