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Sunday Summary 66

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hello all, how has your week been? Share your highs and lows with us!

Rosie - This has been a tough week for me to stay focused on improving my diet as it's been my birthday week so there has been cake and champagne! I have started a food and exercise diary to try and evaluate my weaknesses and noticed that I tend to stray away from healthy eating when I forget to bring my lunch to work so I've bought lots of soups and healthy lunches to take with me next week.  This week I went for four runs, one long walk and did a belter of a session on my exercise bike so I managed to cancel out the birthday indulgences and lose 1lb.

Lauren - as I write this I am reclining on a sun lounger in my back garden, slathered in sunscreen, with a glass of (pointed) vodka and diet lemonade in hand. Bliss. I was really pleased to have lost 2.4lbs this week after my first week back on the wagon in a few months. I had initially hoped for more but I had something of an indulgent weekend so 2.4lbs was a great result. This week has been another week of pointing and tracking, and I managed to squeeze in three runs too (thanks in no small part to Rosie's inspiring post)! Things got a little out of hand last night when I went for dinner and drinks with my three best friends from university, and I also have another family BBQ to contend with today but I'm hoping I can keep things under control. I won't be weighing in til Friday this week, which will hopefully give me a chance to repair any damage the weekend might have caused! I've also had a fantastic non-scales victory this week, as I am currently lounging around in a BIKINI. This is something I have never felt comfortable doing so its a huge victory for me to finally be brave enough to bare some flesh!

Gemma - I couldn't go to class this week, I'm very dependant on lifts from my brother as class is a few miles away and he was busy but I know I would have put weight on after a week of birthday cake and alcohol. I've been much better this week, I've not had a single drop of alcohol and only one sweet treat in the form of a iced bun in work on Friday so I have my fingers crossed for a small loss on Tuesday. I plan on trying out Becca's sit up challenge over the next few days. I bought a playsuit with lace around the waist and I need to work on my midriff before I will be confident enough to wear the playsuit in public. I'm pretty happy that I reached one of my goals that I set when I first started my weight loss journey. I can now wear size 14/16 clothes from Topshop. You wouldn't believe how great it feels to be able to walk into Topshop and buy what I want and not just what fits me!

Sarah - I have been really good this week with only one deviation (a slice cake instead of lunch & snacks & wagamamas for dinner on Saturday) I have only lost 1lb this week but it is *that* time of the month (TMI?) so I am happy with this.  I need to increase my exercise levels and generally move more but am happy with the way my journey is currently headed.

Over to you guys, inspire us with your progress!


  1. Well done ladies, sounds like a fairly good week! I dont weigh myself so dont know about results like that but loooking at my body I see improvements and feel slightly better about it this week. Ive had a few biscuits/boost bars/crisps along the way (which still need to be booted out! but have also reduced my portion side and exercised a fair amount. xxx

  2. I've had the worst week ever food wise but it was my birthday so i'm okay with that. I've spent today eating up all the chocolate/treats in the house leftover from my birthday and I will be getting weighed at class in the morning. I lost 3.5lbs the week before in preperation for this week!
    I'll let you know how much i've gained!xxx

  3. Congrats guys! Life is full of birthday cakes and nights out, which is something I've now learnt I will just have to contend with. I am now firmly back on the wagon, having put it off for a while thinking "oh but next week I've got a dinner out and a busy week so less exercise. I'll start after that". Good to see that you guys have had some success during these times, will bear that in mind when I'm beating myself up for enjoying my life and drinking that champagne :) Cx

  4. Great blog.Linked you up. Sounds like you had a decent week.
    Terrible one for me so been back to basics. Preparing, Measuring and tracking everything. Need to get into gear and stop yo-yoing :/

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