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Slim-Fast 3 2 1 Plan - An Overview

Monday, 20 August 2012

The basics of the Slim-Fast 3 2 1 plan are simple - you have three snacks, two meal replacements and one 600 calorie balanced meal a day.  Sounds simple enough!

The ready made shakes are my favourite, especially the banana

I start the day with a Slim-Fast shake, have a mid-morning packet of one of the Slim-Fast savoury snacks, have a Slim-Fast Meal bar for lunch, a chocolately Slim-Fast treat mid afternoon which sees me through to the meal I look forward to the most, the 600 calorie dinner.  After this I have another Slim-Fast snack and the day is done.  My approx. calorie intake a day is 1325.

The Slim-Fast mixer makes sure you don't get bits of unmixed bits of powder in your shake!

Slim-Fast is a relatively cheap diet to follow, all products are currently on a 3 for 2 offer in Sainsbury's so one shake, one meal bar and three snacks works out to under £3 a day.  I know I was easily spending more than £3 a day on just lunch alone!

The Chocolate Peanut are my favourite of the meal bars, they are like a filling cereal bar

You don't need to buy the snack bars, you can replace them with fruit or even another snack as long as it is under 95 calories.  They are not nutritionally balanced and really are just to help you stay on track.  Personally I really like the Slim-Fast treats and would buy the chocolatey ones even if I wasn't on a diet.  Especially the Chocolate Caramel Treat, it's heavenly!!

 Slim-Fast snacks are all 95 Calories

These Slim-Fast snack bars are so good! They are unlike any diet snack bars I have had before, they do not taste at all artificial or have any strange sweetener aftertaste. YUM!

The first few days were hard.  Adjusting to a lower calorie intake is always a struggle but it was especially hard this time round as I had just come back from holiday where I had definitely over indulged.  I am really enjoying having the milkshakes for breakfast.  Breakfast is one of those meals I tend to skip if I don't have something to hand and the ready mixed shakes are perfect to take to work and drink at my desk.  The snacks don't feel at all like diet food (except maybe for the portion size but I really need to get used to controlled portions anyway!) and I like having a meal bar at lunch time as it gives me something to chew.  I think I would quickly get fed up if I was just drinking my calories each day.  

I really, really look forward to the evening meals and have been trying to make my plate as full as I possibly can with my 600 calorie allowance.  It goes further than you may think and just the thought of it keeps me motivated throughout the day.  It really does suit me to have the freedom to be flexible with my evening meal and helps keep me on track.  And I have just realised that most of Wagamama's main dishes are under 600 calories.  Helloooo!! I know where I am eating out from now on ;)
I have been following the plan for 8 days now (and I am counting my 600 calories to the exact calorie!) and have lost 3lbs so far.

Have you tried the Slim-Fast plan before? How did you get on with it?

You can find more information on the Slim-Fast plan along with meal suggestions, a community forum and some fascinating Slim-Fast stats at www.slimfast.co.uk

**Slim-Fast have sent me a months worth of product to trial but all views are my own


  1. Great review, love the pictures of your main meals - it's like healthy food porn!


  2. This is brilliant Sarah, those dinners look absolutely delicious and it's good to see so many veggies and different coloured yummy foods! I would be looking forward to that dinner all day! And definitely a bonus about Wagamamas ;) Congratulations on your 3lbs lost, that's brilliant.X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. Those meals look amazing, I've never really tried Slim fast but keep meaning to, using celeb slim at the moment but might give it a go once these are done, well done on your loss xx

  4. I have done slim fast when i was much younger and did find it good. I am amazed at your meals my cooking is pretty rubbish so my meals never look that gorgeous xx

  5. Your dinners look so good! I remember my mum doing Slim-Fast in the early 90s - it looks like its got so much nicer since then. I'm very tempted to try the snack bars. x

  6. Yay, Im on slimfast now and doing really well so far! I love it cause I can still have sweeties and chocolates and things- although the shakes are sweet enough.

    I cant have the pre mixed ones as some aren't suitable for vegetarians :( but I like mine blended with ice and fat free milk or soya anyways :) yummy :) xoxoxo

  7. Dinners looking good.
    Never been a SF fan but looks to have massively improved over the years.

  8. ive been on slim fast many times and i loose the weight but i always gain it back when im off the diet, think its the going back to solid foods haha xxxx

  9. A doctor would tell you that a 1,325 calorie intake per day is very close to being classed as starving yourself (the exact figure is 1,200). Its impossible to maintain in the long term so short term quick fixes like this will never work to keep the weight off.

    You don't have to be on slimfast to lose the weight they promise. You could eat 1,325 calories worth of chocolate every day and lose weight because a daily intake of 1,325 a day is nothing!

    1. I really do not agree with your comments. I have tested several diets for WAMK and this is the highest calorie intake of them all! On Jenny Craig the calorie intake for my weight is 1200 a day, on Weight Watchers my base calories (excluding fruit & veg) is 1040 (26PP x 40 cals) and MyFitnessPal set my calorie intake to 1250 a day.

      Of course you don't need to follow the SlimFast plan to lose the same weight but for me the plan makes it easier to stick to and ensures I do not over eat. If I ate 1325 calories of chocolate instead of following the SlimFast plan I know I would be absolutely starving all day.

      I do not intend to follow this plan long term. Once I get to my goal weight and just want to maintain I will increase my calories accordingly. This would be the same with any plan I follow.

  10. I think slimfast is an excellent platform to lose weighr quickly. I personally lost 2stone whilst on the slimfast diet, and I have kept the weigtht off for nearly a year. I'm now trying to lose another two/three stones so I have gone for a more intense diet which is the PHD Diet Whey program which is the same thing as slimfast, except the milkshake is only 95cals and help repare muscle faster. Also your evening meals look amazing! x


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