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Monthly Summary: July

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rosie - After going to Greece at the end of May and spending three weeks in France in June, by the end of June I found myself almost ten pounds heavier and bloated and uncomfortable after six weeks of overindulging in wine, bread and cheese! If I'm honest I was pretty dismayed at myself, and the fact that I'd not been running for six weeks either meant that I was back to square one with my fitness as well as my diet. I've been trying to be really good again this month and have lost 5lbs in the last few weeks.  What I'm most pleased about is how much I've got stuck back into it in the last couple of weeks especially - I've been trying to stick to a low carb, high protein diet to get rid of some of my holiday belly fat and that seems to have been working, I'm also back onto my exercise and am loving running again - I ran five miles on Friday before I went to work and I felt amazing for it, as well as going on a four mile walk yesterday and going swimming, gym and rollerblading today! I need to keep 'being active' as part of my routine and I love how the sunny weather opens up more opportunities for long dog walks and bike rides! My only challenge over the next week is that it's my birthday on Wednesday, so I'll allowing myself some treats this week and then getting straight back onto it.

Sarah V - At the start of July I felt very down about my weight loss. I seemed to have plateaued around the same 2lbs loss and gain for a good 6 weeks. There were reasons though, June was a busy month and I ate terribly at Glastonbury! But I've got better at snapping back to being good once the badness is over. It was my birthday on Monday, just as my weight started to go down again and I was convinced I was going to ruin everything with lots of meals out and drinking. Luckily though I managed not to gain any weight and I am hoping to go to my weigh in tomorrow with a loss. I have finally done my two stone now but really want to get to three stone in the next couple of months. I just have to get more active, I think that's the key to kickstarting things again.

Gem - What a nightmare month, I've not been to class once, haven't been to the gym and now weigh about 7lbs more than I did about 6 weeks ago. I've allowed myself one final weekend of madness because it's my birthday tomorrow but I'm back on plan as of Tuesday morning. There's no way I'm letting a year and a half of hard work go down the drain. can one of you come and be my personal trainer please? You could follow me around with a megaphone telling me to jog or put the cake down...

Sarah - I have finally found that motivation I have been so lacking recently and am really happy to say I lost 3lbs last week.  We now also have a home gym so I have been getting some much needed exercise.  We currently have a treadmill and a punch bag so I will be making use of these each evening and sticking mostly to healthy foods.  I am not following any plan just trying to make better choices but still allowing myself some treats.  I have also forced myself to start eating breakfast after recently discovering overnight oats and the endless combinations meaning I will never get bored.  It's only a baby step but it's a step in the right direction and I feel really confident that I will be able to report back with even better news next month!


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