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What I Ate Wednesday: (A Day In The Life of Weight Watchers by Gemma) #8

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2 Weetabix - 3 ProPoints
Artificial sweetener - 0 ProPoints
Skimmed milk - 3 ProPoints (some for my tea later on)
Banana and a handful of blueberries - 0 ProPoints


Weight Watchers Bagel - 4 points
ASDA Lighter cream cheese - 1 point
Smoked Salmon  -  2 points
Frazzles  - 3 points
Weight Watcher yogurt - 1 ProPoint

Afternoon snack

Pineapple - O ProPoints
Nature Valley bar - 5 ProPoints


Irish Beef Stew - 6 ProPoints + extra 1 point of potato (recipe here)

Evening treat
Asda crumpet and low sugar jam  - 3 ProPoints

32/32 ProPoints

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  1. Looks great! You should link up with everyone else for WIAW so that you can share with more people and see what other people eat!