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Reward a runner

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recently, M&M Direct got in touch with Where Are My Knees about their 'Reward a Runner' campaign.  The campaign has actually closed now, but they were hosting it on their Facebook page and getting people to nominate marathon runners they knew that deserved some new running gear.  With all the marathons going on around the country, as well as the countless 5ks and 10ks, I think it was a great idea and it was nice to see the people who push themselves to achieve amazing things in their running (and often raising money for charity whilst they're at it) getting some recognition.

In case you're not familiar with M&M Direct, they sell branded menswear and womenswear at bargainous prices and they also have a great Sports Shop section.  Personally I don't like to spend masses of money on sportswear but I do need something to wear whilst running that's going to keep me comfortable and isn't going to fall apart after a few washes, so M&M Direct are perfect for me.

M&M Direct kindly offered to send me a £50 voucher to get myself some new running gear and help celebrate marathon running season.  Personally I'm not running any marathons this year (I only started running last year and am still building my stamina) but I am running the National Lottery Anniversary Run in July - five miles around Olympic Park and into the Olympic Stadium.  I'm currently running about 3-5 times a week to try and keep my fitness up, so new gear was most welcome!

I took these photos pre-runs this weekend so please excuse my make-up-less face!

My first pick was these Brooks Running Tights* (£9.99).  I won't wear shorts until it really warms up so these are perfect for my morning runs.  My top is non-branded and my trainers are Saucony (in case you were wondering!)

For slightly warmer days I picked up these Elle Capri Pants* (£16.99).  On Saturday it was a bit warmer so I went out in my Nike Drifit vest.

The final thing I got was a Shock Absorber Sports Bra* (£14.99) I will spare you the trauma of showing you a photo of me wearing it but what I will say is that it's an amazing bargain - it's one of the newer designs that can sell for in excess of £30 so £14.99 is a great price.  No excuses for not having a good-quality, supportive sports bra when they're that cheap!

Of course the final addition to your running gear wardrobe is a good set of trainers and they have a great footwear range that's also worth checking out.  Where do you buy your gym gear? Do you hunt for bargains or do you tend to buy more expensive sportswear?


  1. Damn. Wish I'd known about that competition. My boyfriend is currently doing a 1000km Challenge which entails running every weekend doing either a 10k, half marathon or full marathon over the course of this year until he racks up the 1000km. He's doing it for charity as I, myself suffer from severe eczema which isn't really a recognised condition by the majority of people who only have very mild eczema as a stand point but it is an incurable condition that needs further research. I think he's bloody brilliant for doing this, to be so selfless and lovely. You can see more here:

    Thanks :)

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