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What I Ate Wednesday: (A Day In The Life of Weight Watchers by Gemma) #7

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm always really surprised when I do these kinds of posts about the amount I get to eat on the Weight Watchers plan. I'm eating more protein at the moment because I've started to work out most evenings at the gym so I'm trying to fit in more eggs, cheese, chicken, bean and beef. This is what I ate on a typical working day:


Weight Watchers Sausages - 3 ProPoints
Egg - 2 Pro Points
Flora Light - 1 ProPoint
Weight Watchers bread  - 1 ProPoint
Banana - O ProPoints

Break time snack
Skimmed milk for tea (x3 cups) - 1 ProPoint
Bar - 2 ProPoints


Weight Watchers Bagel - 4 points
ASDA Lighter cream cheese - 1 point
Smoked Salmon  -  2 points
  Orange - 0 points
Monster Munch  - 3 points

M&S Steak and Sauce - 6 ProPoints
M&S wedges - 4 ProPoints
Roasted Peppers and onions, tender stem broccoli - O ProPoints
FryLight - 1 ProPoint

Evening snack
Muller Light Greek style lemon yogurt 1ProPoint

Total -32/32 ProPoints

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  1. This all looks so yummy and not really like diet food. I could murder any of that right now! x

  2. Looks so good, love the sound of your breakfast, and now I have a bagel craving!

  3. Its a lot more food than I was expecting, tho I think I would still struggle cos I'm a snack fiend!

  4. How many points are there in muller light peanut with caramel flavour yogurt