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Sunday Summary 75

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rosie - I was thrilled to discover when I stepped on the scales yesterday and found that I have lost 3lbs this week.  My target is to be at 129 lbs by the end of our 10 week challenge (I am a short person so that would make me a 10-12) and I'm currently at 133 lbs so well on the way! This week was another week of lots of healthy eating and a few early morning runs - very much looking forward to the lighter mornings now the clocks have gone back; running in the pitch black is not fun!

Lauren - I lost another 1lb this week which I'm really pleased about. I've had a few rubbish days since weigh-in on Thursday so now its all about eating properly again. I'm away from Tuesday-Saturday this week but staying with a friend who also does Weight Watchers so I know food won't be as huge an issue as it would if I was staying with someone else! I'm hoping to stay the same at weigh-in this week as I'll be weighing in two days earlier. I really need to focus on upping the exercise now too - I had a free personal trainer taster session at the gym and the trainer worked up a program for me to really focus on toning up and building strength so I'm looking forward to getting started on that.

Gemma - I couldn't attend class this week, my brother had an interview and I'm dependant on him for lifts. I weighed at home and had maintained weight but I'm pretty sure I will get better results at the scales this week. I'm not doing as well with the 10 week pledge as I would like but it's going in the right direction. I have so many events coming up in the next few weeks it is going to be important to be as good as I can in the day so I can enjoy the bubbly and nibbles at the events. I'm going to Manchester with my best friend next week and that is going to be one big three day bender of eating cake and drinking cocktails. I'm a little worried but I'm taking my Weight Watcher Eating Out Guide with me so I can make good choices.

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  1. Well done, all of you :)

    @Gemma - You can't be 100% on the wagon, you'd go nuts :) Use the events as a reason to let your hair down as a reward for all the good you've done so far :)