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Sunday Summary 72

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gemma- It feels like a long time since I wrote a proper Sunday Summary. I've managed to lose the 7lbs I put on over the summer from all the drinking I did at festivals and the vast amounts of cheese I ate in Paris. 7lbs is quite a lot to put on in a couple of months but I feel that if I wasn't a Weight Watchers member it could have been so much more. Drinking pre WW would have involved beers and cider, not rum and diet mixer and I wouldn't have been good in the days leading up to the festival. I've really enjoyed going back to class again and I've been busy cooking recipes from the WW magazine and trying to get back on track. There was an unfortunate incident at Burger King last night after a few drinks where I managed to eat a Chicken Royale but we all slip up sometimes!

Rosie- This week has been all about trying to get out of the bad habits I picked up during my time in Florida and at the festival (chocolate and crisps seem to have re-entered my life!).  In the last two weeks I've lost the few pounds I put on during that time so I'm back down to the weight I was before I went, but the coming weeks are all about getting back into good habits so I can start blasting off the weight again and seeing the pounds drop off.  I'm committing to two runs and a couple of exercise DVD sessions next week to get me back into exercise and I've planned my eating for the coming week (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) so I don't have any slip ups this time! Going to be really strict with myself but looking forward to seeing the results.

Chris- This week I've managed to get to Body Pump twice, which is fairly impressive considering last week I only went once, and was in so much pain as a result I couldn't go for the rest of the week! I had a wedding to go on Friday and did enjoy the food somewhat, but we've been fairly active otherwise (including spending Saturday walking around Liverpool - meaning I'm maintaining nicely. Next week I'm planning on doing body pump twice, as well as getting back into my daily half hour session at the gym every day after work - as well as trying a few new recipes because, frankly, I'm bored of what we've been eating recently.

Lauren - I am now (finally) well and truly back into the Weight Watchers groove after losing 6.5lb over the last couple of weeks. I think the time away from the plan did me the world of good - I was beginning to resent it but after a couple of months away (and a few lbs on) I'm ready to embrace the discipline again! I've had an insanely busy couple of weeks but things have really quietened down now so I'm looking forward to getting back into the gym a few times a week. I've only been managing a workout here and there for weeks now but once I'm back into a routine I know I'll feel a million times better! I'd like to average 1.5lb a week off between now and the end of the year, which I know is a tall order what with the impending C-word (I'm already looking forward to mince pies and brandy cream) but I definitely think its achievable.

Sarah - Reading the comments from the others is really motivating but I am not sure I am in the right head space at the moment to get back on track.  I have well and truly fallen off the diet wagon and appear to have landed smack bang in the middle of the dessert trolley.  I have been so busy recently that I haven't had time to really think about what I am eating it's more of a case of grab and go.  Saying this like Gemma if I hadn't of re-educated myself with various diet plans I would be in a lot more trouble right now, I still rarely drink calories and have cut most junk out of my diet with the exception of cake which I have at least a couple of times a week.  I also think I am more realistic about my end goal, I am not bothered about how long it takes me to get there as long as I eventually get there.  And it's more about being comfortable with my body than conforming to a certain weight/size, looking at old photos of 9 stone me has made me realise it's just too low for me & I just look gaunt.  

How has your week been?


  1. Well done and glad you're happy with where you are Sarah! I managed a 2lb loss this week so feeling good!:)


  2. Well done everyone! I have had a carb filled day after two evenings of Belgium beer! My problem is that if I do ever drink, it is because i want to drink interesting drinks that I love, and those usually involve lots of calories!Ive also fallen off the cycling to work wagon as I havent been well and it has been really windy and rainy :( xxx

  3. Well done everyone!!

    I FINALLY GOT TO GOAL THIS WEEK after losing 50LB!!! (2 years 9 months later!)

    So chuffed :oD YAY ME!!


  4. Sounds like you all have such great attitudes towards it which means you're losing weight healthily and it will be easier to keep off in the longrun. My problem is that I don't get any exercise, I also find particular diet plans hard to stick to because I quite bored so am currently just calorie counting but trying to do it in a healthy way. Unfortunately because of my lack of exercise I don't get very many calories a day to play with so have to be quite inventive sometimes. Lots of veg and not too many carbs!

    I love reading these posts though, they're definately motivating for people like me, reminds me to keep on track!


  5. It sounds like to me you are all getting back into the grove of things ready for Christmas. Hopefully you can have a good weight loss in time for Christmas as everyone wants to feel great then!


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