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Gemma's 'Must have' items to stay on track

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I've been following the Weight Watchers plan for just under two years now and I'm in a pretty good routine when it comes to what I eat. I know exactly what to avoid in the shops because they are far too high in points and I've always got my freezer stocked up with all the essentials I need to create a filling and healthy meal.

Here are my items that I just can't live without:

1.Weight Watcher Toffee Popcorn bar and porridge sachets.
I always carry these around in my handbag as I like to be prepared for any occasion. If I meet friends for coffee and cake I can have one of these bars for just 2 propoints instead of the insane 14 propoints that a muffin from somewhere like Costa would be. The porridge sachets are also great for me if I stay at someones house so I don't indulge in buttery toast.

2. Low Low cheese slices.
One thing I really miss on Weight Watchers is cheese. I could eat my own body weight in cheese every day but now I don't keep any in the house. These Low Low slices are only 1 propoint each and are great with nimble bread, slice of ham and some onion to make a speedy but tasty toastie for lunch. I get a little taste of cheese that is already portioned out for me so I don't lose control.

3. Weetabix and a banana

I have this for breakfast on most days. I find it hard to eat in the morning, I get a little queasy but weetabix are plain and filling so perfect for me. I eat the banana on the commute to work and find that I'm full until my tea break or lunch. I love that I don't need to weigh weetabix like you would have to with other cereal, it's all about convenience for me.

4. Fry light spray

A must have for all dieters, great to use when frying or to spray veg if you are roasting them. Be careful though, one spray is 0 point but four sprays are 1 propoint.

5. Soup

I always have soup in the fridge. I take it to work for lunch because all the salads and sandwiches available in the work cafe are super high in points. I also eat a small bowl when I get in from work before I make my main meal so I don't pick while preparing it.

6. Ready Baked Jacket Potato

Again, these are just so convenient. I don't need to weigh them, they are always 5 pro points.Great to have when I get in from work because they only take five minutes and I  can eat them with a huge salad and tuna for a low point meal.

7. My Weight Watcher cookbooks

These stop me from going off track due to boredom with the plan. I try and make a new dish every week and keep things exciting. These are designed with the Weight Watcher plan in mind so I don't need to adapt any of them like I do when using recipes from the Good Food website.

8.Light creme fraiche
I used this to make all my delicious creamy sauces for things like cabonara, it still feels really indulgent but for a fraction of the points. I also use this with fruit and meringues to make a low point dessert and I always have a tub in the fridge.

9. Frozen Meals
I know its lazy but sometimes I just don't want to cook. I have a long commute and don't get home until 7pm. When I get in I just want to see my dog and catch up on trashy TV. The Weight watcher ones are so low in points and I top them up with loads of fresh vegetables to make them into a filling meal.

What are your essential store cupboard items that help you stay on track?


  1. Just wrote a big comment but I don't think it posted, d'oh!

    Rice crackers, Boots Shapers strawberry and chocolate bars, Snack'a'Jacks, ham and tinned tomatoes are my staples - they keep me from going crazy with bread and things I shouldn't be eating :)

  2. ahh I love weetabix! Especially with warm milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon is amazing at this time of the year :-)


  3. Love this post! Super helpful! I am totally with you on the microwave jacket potato - it's great to have that filling, lazy option (though I prefer the ones made by Bannisters Farm). And low cal spray is awesome!

    I also have some low cal hot chocolate mix in my cupboard to hopefully stave off the chocolate cravings! Oh and fun-size chocolate bars - they're mostly under 80 calories are enough to have a taste of my favourite chocolate bars! Oh and of course, Heinz tinned soup (though, they are probably a bit high in salt!).

  4. I really need to get some cooking spray; especially since it's 0 cal. I've avoided the frying pan altogether since I started this diet.

    I've also become reacquainted with the subtle majesty of soup since I ditched the frying pan; I now have a constant hankering for butternut squash soup :)


    1. butternut squash soup is my fave, I roast that with some onions and peppers, add stock and blend. So easy!

  5. Nice selection, I've tried Weetabix for breakfast but don't find it filling enough.

    Soup is my mainstay for lunch in the Winter, it's so versatile being able to mix it up with different veg but the drawback is the queue for the microwave as everyone else has had a similar idea.

  6. Ooh I definitely need some LowLow - cheese is my downfall!

    Lela - www.LelaLondon.com

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