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Flying Fantastic

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A few weeks back (just after I was announced as a new member of WAMK, so quite a lot of weeks back to be fair) the girls and I were all invited along to try out a Flying Fantastic aerial fitness class. Unfortunately (for them) Gem, Sarah and Rosie all live too far away to be able to travel into London just for an evening, so I went it alone.

You guys, it was so much fun!

For those of you who have never heard of 'aerial fitness', it is exactly what it sounds like. A workout, up in the air. Flying Fantastic offers classes in both aerial silks and hoops, as well as slings and 'circus circuits'. I went along to an aerial silks class on last Tuesday to get a taste of what the class was all about and have a go on the silks. Naturally I was rubbish, but I had such a good time that it didn't even matter. The class was brilliantly structured, with six silks and one instructor for every three or so 'students'. We were grouped off at the beginning of the class in order of ability. As it was my first class I was in the beginners group, and obviously the only other beginner took to it like it to a duck to water, further highlighting my rubbishness! My instructor was Rachel and she was completely fantastic, explaining and demonstrating all the moves and helping out when we couldn't quite do it ourselves (by 'we', I mean 'I').

An example of one of the tricks that I couldn't do! They make it look so easy...it isn't!

I will admit to being dubious about the whole thing at first, but after just hour on the silks I can definitely see how and why its coming to be seen as the new 'hot' workout. Man, did I work. I can really see how going to classes regularly would massively increase your fitness and strength. Climbing the silks takes some real strength in both your arms and legs, and the flips, tucks and lord knows what else you can get up to really work your core muscles. I could barely do any of the 'tricks' that Rachel showed us and I was still aching three days later (says some pretty bad things about my fitness and strength, to be honest!).

Not only was the class a really good workout - it was good fun as well. There was a great atmosphere - all the instructors were friendly and helpful and the other students were really chatty and welcoming. I've been to classes before where you walk in as a newbie and get the stink-eye from all the hardcore old-timers at the front, so it was great to go in and have other students smiling and striking up conversation.

Flying Fantastic currently operates in Battersea and Farringdon and classes are £18 each. This may seem a little steep at first, but taking into consideration the unusual nature of the exercise, the number of instructors per class, the amount of one-on-one time each student receives with their instructor, and the length of the classes themselves (around 90 minutes), its actually very reasonable. All class information and contact details are available on the Flying Fantastic website, so if you fancy shaking up your workout regime or just going to see what all the fuss is about then head on over and drop them a line. As workouts go, it definitely beats slogging it out on the treadmill!


  1. That looks sooooo much fun!! I want to go! S xx

  2. I would love to do this! It look so elegant! But I'm sure I would be "rubbish" at it, too. :)

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