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Sunday Summary 54

Monday, 23 April 2012

Another week's gone! How's yours been?

Sarah V - I am a bit amazed at how much I've enjoyed my first week on Slimming World. Thanks to Amy and her amazing collection of recipes, it's got me excited about cooking again and I've eaten so well! And it's obviously working, because in my first week, I lost 6lbs. I expected a reasonable loss from going from eating terribly to really well, but definitely not THAT much. I doubt I'll do the same in this week's weigh in, but as long as it keeps going  down, I'm happy. :)

Gemma - I stayed the same this week but that is actually a loss because I put more than a few lbs on over Easter but couldn't attend class last week. I've had a great week, didn't over indulge on the weekend even though I had a birthday to attend and a night out. After my little break over Easter I have my determination back, I can't wait to get on the scales this week and start working towards my new goal. I'm currrently just getting in to a size 16 but I want to be in size 14 denim shorts in time for Reading festival.


  1. gemma can't believe you are a size 16, you look so much smaller

  2. Determination and goal inspair you to reach.