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Weight Watchers Dinner Party

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I wanted to share with you the exciting news that Weight Watchers has collaborated with Lisa Faulkner to create ten recipes that aren’t just tasty, they are low in ProPoints values too.  The recipes are inspired by the top ten favourite dinner party dishes identified in a new survey from Weight Watchers.

Lisa has filmed some great how to videos for the Lasagne, Lamb Rogan Josh and Thai Green Curry too. These easy to follow cooking videos make it simple for  anyone to prepare these meals at home and show how anyone can make meals that are perfect for serving up at dinner parties, without having to sacrifice their weight loss plans. You can check out the videos here:

Lamb Rogan Josh: http://youtu.be/uqGNyy5sDiI

Spaghetti Bolognese: http://youtu.be/9fLWjb6CgJE

The Weight Watchers dinner party survey also revealed that over 80% of people on a weight loss plan worry about attending dinner parties, as opposed to looking forward to them. This is largely due to guests feeling concerned about the amount of high calorie food served up, or as a host, worrying whether or not your guests will enjoy the food that you spent the best part of a day slaving over.

Weight Watchers believe that dinner parties should be something to be excited about, not something you want to avoid, so they have launched a new ‘Supper Club’ Facebook app to encourage people to have more fun with their food. Filled with lots of healthy, tasty recipes to inspire home cooking, the Supper Club app is available now via the Weight Watchers’ Facebook page www.facebook.com/weightwatchersuk (http://apps.facebook.com/wwsupperclub).

We have posted lots of great recipes on Where Are My Knees which you can find here and are perfect for impressing guests.

Do you worry about entertaining and staying on plan? Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?


  1. This is SUCH a nice idea! Im doing dinner parties with work friends and between us we have a Coeliac, someone allergic to nuts and a vege!! xxx

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    2. uh oh! sounds tricky Sophie.

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