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Sunday Summary #53

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gemma- The past few weeks have been a total disaster. I stayed the same before Easter and could not attend class the Tuesday after the bank holiday weekend. I knew that I had over indulged over Easter so I have been extra good all week and even started doing the 30 day shred again. Then I went to a party last night... drank loads of punch, ate some homemade rocky road and nibbles and went off the rails. I blame the punch entirely, not my fault at all ;) To try and reverse all this bad behaviour I have bought a book from Paperchase that has separate sections for a food diary, exercise diary, goals, recipes and inspiration. I'm hoping that a combination of photos of Marina Diamondis and clearly set out goals will help me to stay on track. Size 12/14 by summer!

Sarah V - I started Slimming World this week, and I'm really excited about it. I think it may be just what my diet needs - not just in terms of weight loss (although obviously that's my main motivator) but in getting back into good habits. I've got into really bad habits lately  - I NEVER cook any more and tend to go for ready meals or oven pizzas almost every night. Slimming World is very focused on preparing food from scratch so you know what's in it, and I think that's quite a good message. I also think that, after 5 years or so of doing Rosemary Conley, on and off, it's time I tried something new - I find myself breaking the Rosemary Conley rules more often than not, these days so abandoning all those (mostly broken) rules and learning a new diet technique could be just what I need. Fingers crossed! My motivation is back and I'm not making excuses any more. :)


  1. Gem - I love little books/diaries for tracking, nothing better, and nothing worse than writing something bad in it!

    Sarah - Good luck with slimming world, sometimes we need a change to get us going again.

    Good luck to other girls as well, though I notice they have disappeared for this week...


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