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Move More in May

Friday, 4 May 2012

Weight Watchers have done a report that investigates the nation’s activity habits and it has revealed that that a third of British adults admit to being lazy – I'm one of them.  Key factors which contribute to Brits leading such sedentary lifestyles include lack of time, long working hours and being too busy. But 33 per cent of people admit they simply can’t be bothered to do anything but relax in their spare time.

I have to admit that exercise simply has not featured in my weight loss plan at all. I have tried the 30 Day Shred about 3 times and given up after about 6 days, said I was going to join the gym and never did and even bought some exercise clothes which are still in the bags. I make time for blogging, socialising and relaxing. Spend hours watching box sets and going shopping on the weekends but never dedicate time to moving more.

If I'm ever going to get to goal weight I need to change my bad habits, find a form of exercise that I love and stick with it.

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To sign up to make a move, you can visit http://weightwatchersmovemore.co.uk. You can also enable the Move More Twibbon, and join the conversation on the #MoveMore hashtag, and also be in with a chance to win a £100 spa day treat, to reward your hard work.

So what are you waiting for? MOVE MORE IN MAY!

I hereby pledge to finish the 30 Day Shred and try out a new form of exercise in May. (Please hold me to this!)


  1. I can relate to a lot of the signs of laziness, however I don't spend most evenings sitting in front of the TV rather than exercising - I don't have time for that! In between cleaning and tidying the house, chasing after an overactive puppy, seeing friends, doing out of hours work, blogging and generally being out and about I almost never sit and watch TV. I could probably spare 30 minutes for exercise five times a week though; I recently bought an exercise bike which makes it really easy to do a 30 minute burst. I'm going to try my best to do this five times a week; what's half an hour eh?

  2. I am definitely going to do this! Starting with a spinning class tonight (I havent been in about 4 years!) WISH ME LUCK!!! xx

  3. Ive recently bought a range of exercise DVDs to give me the recommended variety in my exercise routine alongside my exercise bike and my twenty minutes daily walk.My pledge is to really commit to this.xx

  4. Don't bother with the 30 day shread, no one seems to complete it! I go jogging 3 times a week and I have lost a stone over the last few months. I go out for about an hour each time with a friend. For me doing exercise with someone else has kept me going because I know If I was just doing it for myself there is no way I would have kept it up. We started off by doing the couch to 5k plan then up to the 5k to 10k and now we have signed up to do a half marathon in October, I'm hoping to loose another half stone by then :)