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Weight Watchers Product Review

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I recently received a box full of Weight Watchers goodies to try out and review. I have been on the plan for over a year now so trying new things really helps to keep my diet interesting and varied.


There are a few things that I haven't tried yet like the part baked rolls, cupcake mix, nachos and cookies but here is what I thought of the rest of the Weight Watchers items:


I loved the carrot cakes but I only had one before my brother scoffed the lot! They are a great size to go with a cup of tea and are very sweet. I'm sure I will buy them again but I will have to hide them from the rest of my family, too good to share.
I loved the naan but at 4 ProPoints for half I probably wouldn't have it again, I prefer to bulk up my meals with zero point vegetables rather than carbohydrates.


This is one of the products that I had already tried and loved. I usually buy the small bottles to drink with friends before I go on a night out, they are a great size and means I can limit my portions. This was a full size bottle and I shared it with non Weight Wacher members and they enjoyed it too. It works out at 2 ProPoints per small glass, regular wine would be 3 so this is a good product to make your points go further.


I always stick to Quavers and French Fries as my crisps of choice because they are 2 ProPoints a pack but these made a great change. You don't get too many in a pack but they are crinkle cut crisps which are a normally a bit higher in points. Very nice, I will be taking some of these in my Jubilee picnic hamper next weekend.


The Italian red grape and pomegranate cordial has been a bit of a live saver in the hot weather this week, keeping my nice and hydrated. I've kept it in work and drank that instead of my normal tea and coffee. It's a great tasting product and drinking this instead of tea meant that I consumed less points because I cut out milk. All those cups of tea add up to lots of ProPoints!
Shouldn't really say this but the Sicilian lemonade was a great mixer to go with my vodka over the weekend. It has a great lemony taste and will be perfect to go with Pimms in the summer or drink alone if you're not a party animal like me ;) I have seen both of these products in Poundland so they wont break the bank.


I wasn't overly keen on the hot chocolate but I'm a big fan of Cadbury's Highlights and am reluctant to swap brands. It didn't have the same very sweet and rich taste that I'm used too but it was still nice.

The bagels were probably one of my favourite products that I tried out. They are only 4 ProPoints each which is much lower than the usual 6/7 ProPoints for a New York Bakery Co equivalent. I ate mine with some low fat cream cheese and smoked salmon for 6 ProPoints. They have a great expiry date so you don't need to eat them as soon as you buy them which is why I don't buy fresh ones that often. I think they are a great packed lunch product and worth a try.
Just wanted to say thanks to the very lovely Lucy at ShinyRed PR for sending me the Weight Watcher items.

Are you a fan of Weight Watchers products?


  1. I've never tried any of the weight watchers food range even though I'm always so intrigued! The little cakes look like they'd be fab for a sugar-holic like me :) xx


  2. I do love weightwatchers, though mostly their meals. Though I have been known to indulge in the cakes from time to time.
    Have to say I probably wouldn't get the diet pop, I'm a student and can get the same calories/points cheaper with generic diet lemonade. Even if sometimes it does me a sacrafice in taste

  3. OOOOH! Interesting! I raided poundland the other day and got the savory crackers (like paper!), choco and oat cookies (okish)and lemon slices (gross). I do like the look of the crisps, cordial, bagels, wine and carrot cake, but it is the price that puts me off! xxx

    1. I know you can get the cordial in poundland and the same size Robinsons squash is about £1 too so not too bad. I think they are the the kinds of things you can stock up on when they are on offer x

  4. Wow it looks like WW are really expanding their range, I love the sound of the sicilian lemonade and the bagels!! I think I might have to think about going on WW when I get back from my hols.

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  5. I love the bagels they are so good! The carrot cakes are so lush, I could so easily eat the whole packet though! Nachos are my fave of the crisps they do! The crackers are pretty good too! There is some nice stuff that weightwatchers do actually! Your have to let us know how the rest of the products are!


  6. I love some of the WW deserts and the cookie mix is amaze! Not too keen on the squash idea as normal sugarfree squash is no points anyway and cheaper, and I don't find their crisps all that tasty.

    I keep meaning to try the bread products though!


    1. If you go to class keep an eye out for vouchers in the 'Your Week' booklets they always have 25p off bread and bagels :)

  7. I am so jealous of the Weight Watchers products you have! Here in the U.S. we only have a few cupcake type things. I had no idea WW did wine! That is so cool.

  8. I have ww food all the time even though i'm not on ww. I love the garlic doughballs AMAZINGxx

    1. mmmm dough balls sound lovely. The quiches are nice, they don't have a crust so they are low in points but have plenty of cheese yum!

  9. The bagels sound great - I love the New York Bakery ones but they're definitely more of an occasional food. I tried the cupcake mix a couple of weeks back, they were really fun to make and super sweet despite being quite tiny! x

    1. I made those cupcakes with friends last night, lovely for 1 point! I had to be careful not to put sugar flowers on the top though because you have to count those. Used some edible glitter instead.

  10. I'm so surprised that everyone agrees WW food tastes nice. I've been meaning to go on a diet (shed the baby weight...) for a while now and have been a bit weary of "diet foods". But I shall def be trying out some of these goodies! Thanks for the post!


  11. This all looks great. I love the look of the naan bread and may well pick up some of those bagels.
    I'd love to hear how the cupcakes turn out x

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