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Staying healthy in the office

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I find that my colleagues have a big influence in my diet and exercise habits. I work in a team of mostly ladies, and it's our usual topic of conversation. We're good at inspiring each other to be healthier... but we can also lead each other astray. Burger King Fridays have become a little too regular lately.

In collaboration with Fruitdrop, I've put together a few tips on staying healthier in the workplace. I know how easy it is to be led astray at work, but what we should be trying to do is be the people who lead people down the good track!

1. Instead of buying cakes and sweets, buy fruit or subscribe to a fruit delivery service like Fruitdrop.

2. Start a lunchtime walking club with your colleagues to burn a few calories before you eat your sandwich.

3. Share your lunchbreak with a colleague, and take turns to make each other awesome salads.

4. Quit the lift and take the stairs! Alternatively (or as well) park a little further away than usual to give yourself more exercise, or get off the bus a stop early.

5. Reward yourself! Go on a team lunch every month somewhere tasty, to make up for all your hard work.

Fruitdrop boxes start from just £20 and they deliver straight to your office! All the fruit is super fresh and yummy (seriously, my colleauges were raving about the pears) and we're now looking into getting a regular delivery. I highly recommend them as a way to kickstart your office to be healthier!

Written in collaboration


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  2. Great idea - might have to see if I can convince some of my colleagues to forgo the biscuits that always seem to be popping in..

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