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Pork and Egg Burgers

Thursday, 24 April 2014

This post is brought to you by the very lovely Leanne who blogs over at A Slice of my Life, make sure you pop over to check out all her lovely posts about homeware, make up and all the lovely food she eats on the SW plan.

I occasionally follow Slimming World (I've fallen a little off the wagon and am desperately trying to get back on board), one of the things that I love about the SW plan is the freedom that comes with it, most food is possible provided that you cook it in the right way. Burgers and chips on a diet, no problem!

These pork and egg burgers are my latest pride and joy. They are Syn free on the extra easy plan, super easy to make and very aesthetically pleasing, oh and they taste pretty good too! 

You will need : Extra lean pork mince, one egg per burger, fry light and seasoning. I haven't added an amount for the pork as this really is a simple, flexible recipe - you can make them as big or small as you like, I personally tend to make these when I have a little leftover pork mince.

Add salt and any other required seasoning to your pork mince (I just use salt & pepper, hubby throws in every single spice/herb going!) and roll into doughnut shaped rings. 

Carefully transfer the pork 'doughnuts' into a pan sprayed with Fry Light and crack an egg into the centre of each one. Your egg may or may not leak out of the bottom, this really doesn't matter as the majority will stay in the centre.

The cooking time is dependant on the amount of mince that you use, mine take around 10 minutes on each side but I do tend to overcook meat. 

When the bottom half has browned nicely transfer the pan to the grill to cook the top half of the burgers on a medium heat. You can flip the burgers and continue to cook in the pan if you so wish, however I personally find that this ruins how the egg looks.

Sprinkle on some chives to make them look really awesome! 

If anyone is wondering, this is how they look underneath.

Serve with Slimming World style chips and a salad for a delicious, Syn free meal.


  1. Looks so good.. defo gonna try it :)

  2. These look delicious! I'm going to have to try making them myself!

  3. These look amazing - on the recipe list for next week!

  4. these look wonderful! I am going to start a diet from Monday so its perfect timing ! and Leannes blog has a name so similar to mine!http://sliceoffme.wordpress.com/

  5. I don't really eat burgers often, and yet these look amazing.

  6. Wow this is such a great idea, I will definitely try making these!

    Hannah x

  7. Thanks for sharing my post :) I hope everyone enjoys them as much as we did! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  8. These look great! Just curious, does the yolk stay runny or does it cook through? I'll definitely have to try these either way, thanks for sharing!

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  11. Great post! I will definitely try this! You might like my posts http://thisluxlife.com/ xx

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