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Dear Kate...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Dear Kate website made me chuckle when it stated 'Laugh til you pee your pants. And strut your stuff safely...we've got your butt covered.' 1 in 4 women experience light bladder leakage on a regular basis and 60% of women experience overflow during that time of the month every month. We never talk about this despite so many of us ladies experiencing it and I love that Dear Kate can mention it openly and even make us laugh about it.

Dear Kate offers pretty underwear in a range of styles from simple lace to bold colours, all featuring absorbent and stain-resistant linings. They are designed to offer extra protection when a woman might need it during menstruation, exercise or after having a baby.

I tried out the Amelia Hipster Mini from the Queen collection and was really pleased with the fit and femininity of the briefs considering they are very functional and designed to help with leakage. After measuring my hips I went for the 1X, which is an American 16-18. I would say that they are very true to size and wont dig in so there's no need to size up. They came in a cute box which is a nice touch and I tend to keep them in there after washing so I don't have to wade through 40 pairs of black knickers to find them.

I've worn these whilst doing the 30 Day Shred and at the gym and they can hold up to one teaspoon of liquid or three if you get the full lining. There were no embarrassing wet patches in sight. Stress incontinence (gross, I know) can occur during exercise and I think these briefs would be great for anyone attempting a long distance run. The Sports range would be even more ideal for this function but they are only currently sold in regular sizing with no plus size option available yet.

This is what my pair look like:

Pretty good, right? That time of the month can be pretty crappy. You feel bloated and a bit sorry for yourself. With these the lace waistband is a pretty detail and the shape is much nicer than my 3 in a pack, M&S briefs I normally go for when I'm not feeling my best.Wearing these meant that I didn't have to worry about any embarrassing accidents and I felt much more confident.

Do you think about your underwear when working out? I know I always wear a sports bra but I had never paid much attention to my briefs before trying these ones.

If you want to get your own pair the code "WhereAreMyKnees" will get new customers 25% off until April 30th.

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