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Nākd survey - Diet saboteurs

Thursday, 13 February 2014

We are a big fan of Nākd bars here at Where Are My Knees and Rosie has reviewed them in an earlier post.
I'm a fan of the flavoured raisins and love that their products are made from all natural ingredients like fruit and nuts, and they're also wheat, dairy and gluten free. They feel like such a treat and are absolutely delicious but you don't feel as guilty after scoffing a bag of these as you would if you had eaten a bag of M&Ms. 

New research released by Nākd Wholefoods has found just how irritating we find our friends when they diet, with 1/3 of us deliberately avoiding those we know to be dieting and over a quarter (26%) even trying to sabotage their friends’ bids to lose weight.

Their stats found that people are most annoyed by those that:

- Talk about their diet too much (26%)
- Make them as non-dieters feel bad about themselves for not dieting (20%)
- Are grumpy and miserable (25%)
- Refuse to socialise (11%)
- Ban treats such as birthday cake (13%)

And that sabotage attempts include:

- Inviting the dieter out for dinner or a drink (19%)
- Deliberately tempting them with unhealthy treats (16%)
- Talking them into giving up their diet (7%)

'Oh, go on, try this cake...': One in four will sabotage a friend's diet because restricting food makes people so utterly boring
  • Some 25% of us deliberately avoid friends who are dieting
  • Say dieting friends aren't fun and make them feel bad about themselves
  • One in six try and tempt friend with unhealthy treats so they break diet
  • A fifth deliberately ask a dieting friend for dinner or drinks
  • Men are more likely than women to try and sabotage a friend's diet

    1. They feel guilty. You're losing weight and getting in shape. They're not. Tempting you to "fall off the fitness wagon" means you’re "normal" again, and they can feel good about themselves.
    2. They don’t understand. They’ve never had a weight problem and just don’t realize how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. They think it’s "silly" for you to worry about what you eat.
    3. They miss the old you. That is, the cookies you brought to work, the after-work "happy hours" spent in the company of high-fat potato skins, the luscious desserts you used to indulge in. Maybe you’re spending more time in the gym and have less free time for them. Maybe they’re afraid to lose you?

Don’t overreact, but don’t give up either! Try these strategies to stop your food foes:

Don’t assume the worst. Unless sabotage is blatantly deliberate, give saboteurs the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their motives. If a boyfriend gives you chocolates this Valentines day its because he wants to show you that he cares and not because he wants to fatten you up.

Set up your own support system.
  If your friends aren't being supportive join a group or chat to like minded peopled online. I would never have lost 6 stone without this blog.

Ask for help.  Be fair with those who share your home. They may be willing to make compromises, at least for shorter periods of time, about what foods are kept and cooked in the house. Colleagues might agree not to bring in cake and biscuits every day.

Be an adult. Remember that what you put in your mouth is your responsibility.

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