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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

People often drink to get a buzz and BRITA provided me with an alternative activity to get the adrenaline pumping in the form of a skiing lesson. I've never been skiiing and rarely take part in any kind of sports so this was a really scary prospect for me and I knew it would get the adrenaline pumping. My boyfriend has been snowboarding and really enjoyed it so I invited him along with me so we could try something new together. 

I headed to Pontypool Ski Centre which boasts a 230 metre main slope, a novice/beginners area, a ski lift and mogul run. The Ski Centre runs its own Ski School which offers lessons for all standards of skiing and snowboarding from ‘novice to expert'. I had a beginners lesson on the slopes and even though I can't say I 100% enjoyed it, I definitely got a buzz. The look of terror on my face as I went down the slope must have been a funny sight.

Alcohol can have an impact on your fitness regime. Post-exercise drinks at home or down the pub can undo all the good work you've just put in. There's around 180 calories in a pint of lager and 159 calories in a large glass of white wine, so you could cancel out all your hard work in no time at all. A hangover may mean you don't work out as hard, it's no fun lifting weight or running if you have a headache or feel sick. The night before's alcohol leaves your body dehydrated, even before your session starts which means a less effective work out.

Saturday nights for me used to be spent with friends drinking and then Sunday would be a wasted day feeling sorry for myself and rustling up a tasty but unhealthy fry up to get rid of a hangover. A dry January means that Sundays were free for fun and I made sure I got outdoors as much as I could. I climbed Pen Y Fan in January which is the highest peak in the south of the UK.

There's no way I would have climbed this with a hangover on a Sunday and I would have missed out on the views and sense of achievement I felt when I reached the top. When you drink, it chemically alters your brain to release dopamine. When you exercise, the same chemical is released, which means you can get the same "buzz" from working out that you can get from a few glasses of wine. We all know which one is better for you.

I would like to say a big thank you to BRITA for inviting me to take part in the challenge. It was very enjoyable finding out alternatives to drinking and keeping hydrated with BRITA filtered water. I will post a round up about my Dry January experience with Brita in the next few days.
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  1. This looks like such good fun, didn't know you write on this blog too, new follower as I'm sure you can tell x

  2. Ahh that view is awesome, well done you!

    Maria xxx