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Health and fitness apps for the Kindle Fire

Friday, 22 November 2013

I was chuffed to bits last Christmas when I unwrapped a Kindle Fire that had been sat under the Christmas tree, courtesy of Father Christmas (okay, the boyfriend!) We both had tablets on our Christmas lists and not wanting to spend as much as the iPad we looked at more affordable options, and after an awful lot of researching and comparing I decided to plump for the Kindle Fire from Argos.

I'm definitely glad I did - it's easy and intuitive to use, with a brilliant and bright touch screen, long battery life and tons of apps that you can download (it uses the Android operating system so if you have an Android phone you'll be familiar with the wealth of app options on offer.  There are so many health and fitness apps available for the Kindle Fire that I thought I'd write a list of the best ones I've found for anyone else who already owns one or is lucky enough to find one in their stocking this year!

1. Daily Workouts - £1.86

This app - as the name suggests, has suggestions for over 100 workouts you can do daily, from 5 minute to 30 minute long workouts, including ab, arm, butt and cardio workouts and lots more.  You can use their bank of workouts, or make custom workouts from all of the ones available.  The app uses videos so you can follow along, along with a timer so you know where you are in your workout.  This is great for helping you fit exercise into your day, and also perfect for people who travel and want to do exercise whilst on the move.

2. MyFitnessPal - Free

Unless you're relatively new to dieting or food tracking, you'll probably be aware of MyFitnessPal, a calorie counter and food and exercise diary.  This is the app version of the website and offers all of the same functionality; the ability to search for and enter foods, scan barcodes, save your favourites, and track your progress.  You can also backup your diary so that you don't have to risk losing all of your records.  I have used MyFitnessPal a lot in the past to track my calorie intake and help me make better choices and using the app really helps me keep track of things whilst on the go.

3. Weight Watchers Points Calculator and Tracker - Free

Another great, free app for tracking on the go.  This provides points calculators for Points Plus and Original Points as well as keeping track of your points whilst out and about.  It takes the guesswork out of pointing and would be really useful for Weight Watchers members or dieters who don't use the online tracking tool.

4. Slimming World - Free, then £14.99 for an annual subscription

This isn't an app in the true sense of the word but is an app version of the popular Slimming World magazine. The app features a free trial period and then has the option of paying £14.99 for an annual, app based subscription to the magazine.  I think having the magazine as an app would be really useful for accessing the eating plans and recipes - I love propping up my Kindle Fire in the kitchen and following a recipe, so much easier than trying to weight down cookbook pages!

5. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson - £1.91

For me, a good night's sleep is the foundation of any good health and fitness routine.  Dragging myself out of bed in the morning for a run, or even making healthy food choices throughout the day, is hindered hugely for me on any days when I sleep badly.  This app helps people beat insomnia and provides guided meditation to help you get to sleep.  You switch it on when you get into bed and it helps you relax and unwind.

Personally I love my Kindle Fire and I think using tablet apps are a great way to keep on top of health and fitness and give you an extra bit of motivation.  Do you have any great app recommendations that I've missed off the list?

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  1. oooh I've got a kindle and didn't know about the WW app or the Daily Workouts one so will be getting both of those.

  2. I've just got a kindle fire so great to see some apps to get! :)

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