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Brita Boost Challenge - Dry January

Saturday, 4 January 2014

January is always a month where people start a diet, detox and make and break resolutions after a little too much Christmas excess. I'm no different and since January 1st I've been aiming to drink a minimum of 1.2 litres of water a day and take a little time out to pamper myself and relax. I ended my year feeling bloated and exhausted due to all my commitments.

My ultimate aim is to get into a exercise and diet routine and drinking more water and staying hydrated is a very important factor in that. BRITA contacted me before Christmas to ask me if I wanted to join their BRITA Boost Challenge and I jumped at the chance. I need to give up alcohol for the month of January, drink more water and spend a little time focusing on the reasons why I drink.

BRITA sent me a Hydration Hamper containing BRITA filter products and some other lovely extras...

There are loads of reasons why you should rink more water some of which are:

  • Water Helps Energize Muscles -When muscle cells don't have adequate fluids, they don't work as well and performance can suffer leading to muscle fatigue.
  • Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good - Your skin contains plenty of water, and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss.
  • Water Helps Your Kidneys - Your kidneys need plenty of water to cleanse and rid your body of toxins.

The BRITA Marella Jug is going to come in very handy with this challenge, it can hold up to 1.4 litres of filtered water and by drinking some of that and by using the Fill & Go bottle when I'm in work or working out I will be well on the way to drinking my target amount of 1.2 litres a day. The bottle can hold 0.6 litres and uses the same  filter technology as the jugs which significantly reduces chlorine and improves the tastse. The bottle is also BPA free so you don't have that plastic taste you can get from drinking out of bottles.

I've also got a few more things to help me feel good on the inside:

I can't wait to try out some Zumba, does anyone know good YouTube channels for this? I'm also going to use the iTunes voucher to download some relaxing music so I can unwind at night or listen to when I go on more walks with my dog. A big part of why I drink is to relieve stress so I'm hoping exercise and  focusing my well being will mean I can cut out my G&T cravings.

I've also got a few things to try out to help me look good on the outside too:

If I think I look good I have more confidence and confidence is a key reason why people drink. I'm hoping a pampered and glamarous me wont feel the need to drink to boost confidence.

Throughout the month I will be taking part in challenges which will get me thinking about the reasons why we drink and ways to avoid it. People chose to drink from some of these five reasons - taste, socialising, confidence booster, relaxing and for the buzz.

Taste - Lots of people like to drink great tasting cocktails or are fine ale connoisseurs but BRITA will be challenging me to come up with lovely mocktail recipes.

Socialising - There is a huge pub and bar culture here in the UK and a lot of us drink to socialise. I'm going to be hosting a dinner party with friends (totally wine free) to show you can have a good time and see all your friends outside of a pub situation.

Confidence Booster - We all love a bit of Dutch courage but BRITA will be teaching me some confidence boosting tips so I don't feel the need to reach for a drink.

Relaxing  - A glass of wine after a hard day at work is a great way to unwind but not really the most healthy option. I'm going to try out a relaxing therapy to unwind.

Buzz People often drink to get a buzz and BRITA setting up an activity to get the adrenaline pumping in the form of exercise.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge, I always make New Year's resolutions and fail to keep them but I think a dry January and  drinking 1.2 litres of water is something I can stick to.

Are you on a health kick this January? How will you be staying hydrated?

I will be updating you on my progress with this challenge once a week so keep checking the blog for updates. If you're going to take up the challenge of drinking 1.2 litres of water a day let me know how you're getting along in the comment section below.


  1. I definitely need to drink more water, I have been keeping a big bottle on my desk to try and encourage me to drink that rather than tea but we shall see how it goes!

    Maria xxx

  2. Hope you're challenge is going well so far!

    I am taking part too :) look forward to seeing you at Mixology!

    Elle :) x

    1. I can't attend because I'm on holiday in France :( I have brought my little flask with me though. One of the other team members is attending though. Hope you're enjoying the challenge so far x

  3. Oh my god I love Rose Jam its gorgeous. Good luck with the water... I shall join you know too.

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