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Nutribox Review

Monday, 22 April 2013

I’m always looking for healthy things to snack on at my desk when the 3pm munchies kick in and so I was pleased to be sent a NutriBox to review – a bit more exciting than just fruit which is what I normally have!

The box comes through the post and you can get it delivered to work, and every box contains a different selection of gluten-free healthy treats. In my box were:

Choc-Free fruit & nut mix
Tropical mix
Hot cross bun mix
Apple & Pear Braw Bar
Miss Wallflower Candy Raw Food Cookies
Pulsin Energy Bomb
Cashew & Pecan Bounce Bar
Probiot Dark chocolate Ombar
Cranberry & Mandarin dark chocolate Ombar

There’s a huge selection of snacks in the box and I actually ended up sharing it with my team at work. I loved the fruit and nut mixes but actually had to avoid some of the snacks because they were surprisingly high in Weight Watchers points.

Now, obviously there are different kinds of healthy eating and you often can’t combine two diets together and expect results. Some healthy eating plans recommend snacking on nuts and houmous, others tell you to avoid them because of the fat content. I think this is the same situation, the NutriBox is great if you are trying to make healthier choices all round, but if you are part of a set diet plan it may not be for you. The same would also probably apply for similar snack boxes though.

So overall, I think the box is great with a huge selection of products but is not really suitable for someone on Weight Watchers but if you have a gluten allergy and are struggling to find snacks you can eat, this is a great bet.

The NutriBox costs from £9.71 per box and you can find out more info here.

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